135-Pound Mastiff Gets Obsessed With Small Kitten

Friendships can come in the most unlikely forms, and the animal kingdom is the perfect demonstration of this. Detailed in a video uploaded in May of this year, a pint-sized kitten named Wendy was taken in by a woman named Lindsay. What's surprising is that Lindsay's dog, a Mastiff called George, took a fond liking to Wendy, and now the two have become the best of friends.

Love At First Sight

When their owner, Lindsay, was at the park, she was greeted by a friendly kitten who seemed to be incredibly attached to her. Knowing that she couldn't just leave this feline behind, Lindsay brought her into her home. She introduced the kitten, now called Wendy, to another important member of the household: her Mastiff George. There was no telling exactly what would happen here. Would George scare off Wendy? Would Wendy scare off George?

As it turns out, Wendy and George soon became inseparable. During their first encounter, Lindsay says that Wendy got remarkably close to George. She was clearly dwarfed by the dog, but that seemed to give her more security.


An Affectionate Relationship

In photos, Wendy can be seen lying on top of and under George. According to Lindsay, there hasn't been any kind of apprehension on Wendy's part. Given how confident she was when first approaching her now-owner, Wendy seems to be a cat who knows what she wants and how to get it.

This isn't something that George just begrudgingly tolerates either. He totally embraces all the affection Wendy bestows upon him. George might be best described as a "gentle giant." He's reportedly also shown plenty of love to the chickens and ducks that Lindsay cares for.

The Right Timing

George also knows what it's like to lose a friend. Before Wendy came around, George had a friend in a pig called Debbie. Sadly, Debbie went up to pig heaven. Lindsay says she thinks that Wendy's arrival has been a major source of comfort for George during this time.

Learning From Each Other

Their opposing temperaments are also a good thing for Wendy and George. While the young Wendy is much more energetic than the older George, they're able to balance each other out. Wendy can remind George of his more freewheeling days, and George can teach Wendy about the virtues of calmness. The day may come when a grown-up Wendy is mentoring a puppy and providing a place for them to lay down and feel protected.

Heart in the Right Place

On the black-spotted Wendy, you may notice a certain heart-shaped appearance on one. This is the perfect way to describe her and George's relationship. It's one where there's so much affection, hearts are being worn on their outsides.

Something To Embrace

A relationship like the one between Wendy and George jettisons the notion that cats and dogs are inevitably going to be enemies. These two love each other in a way that makes them seem like kin. Of course, that's what they really are at the end of the day.

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