13-Year-Old Heroes See Boy Dangling From Ski Lift And Think Up Brilliant Plan To Save Him

It was a gorgeous winter day in Vancouver, Canada, and people from all around had flocked to the slopes of Grouse Mountain for a day of skiing and snowboarding on the fresh powder.

Families and friends had all made the trek to enjoy the snow follies while taking in the gorgeous vista views the mountains provided. It was all set to be an incredible day for everyone. However, for one family the day instantly turned from a fun-filled family outing to a terrifying experience.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the family was headed up the mountain when something unimaginable happened. The dad, mom, 8-year-old son, and 3-year-old son were casually riding up the lift when the oldest boy slipped out of the chair.

He was left dangling from the chair, holding on with all his might, over 20 feet above the snowy ground below. His dad hung on with all his strength, while simultaneously working as hard as he could to keep his 3-year-old son in the chair.

No matter how hard he tried, there was no physical way to pull his 8-year-old back up into the chair safely. The young boy continued to dangle with his skis still attached to his feet, weighing him down even more and leaving him with no way to land.


Everyone around the chair lift took notice of what was happening, but it seemed that people were bewildered as to what they could do to help the boy. A group of young teenagers that were homeschooled in Vancouver was also out on Grouse Mountain for the day when they saw what was happened. They looked around and realized that although everyone around them was scared for the boy, no one was moving to make any sort of attempt to get him down.

“They pointed to the lift and I saw the kid dangling,” Ethan Harvey, one of the group, told TODAY. “I was like, ‘Holy smokes.'”

The young teens immediately knew they were going to step in and get him down. The boys quickly made a makeshift plan. The resourceful teens grabbed a section of orange plastic net fencing that was set up to keep skiers from going out of bounds.

They stretched the plastic out below the young boy, so it made a type of net to catch his fall. The group was joined by a ski instructor, who helped the 8-year-old to kick his skis off so he could have a safe drop into the net. The boy fell and was successfully caught by the net. He had no injuries and the group of teens helped him get to his feet and wait for his family.

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