13-Year-Old Girl Sees A Boy Being Bullied For Wearing Old Shoes, So She Gives Him A Brand New Pair

It's always disappointing when children and teenagers decide to bully others. And then there are young people like Shaylynn Hampton. The 13-year-old displayed both compassion and maturity to a young man being bullied for his shoes.

A 10-year-old boy was playing basketball with other kids. It would be difficult to call the "teammates" friends because of the way they treated him. The poor child's shoes were in bad shape and falling apart. Rather than be understanding about his plight, the other kids made fun of him mercilessly reported WDRB.

Shaylynn watched the cruel events play out. Moved by the situation, Shaylynn felt compelled to help.


She went into her closet and found a pair of shoes for the youngster. She gave him the shows and expected nothing in return.

Her mom captured the gift-giving scene on video. When watching the video, you can hear her mention that the day is Shaylynn's birthday. Yes, the young lady displayed an act of kindness to a complete stranger on a day that is supposed to be "hers."

She deserves a lot of praise for her charitable act of kindness. Few adults would reach out to a young kid in need. This young girl did so without any hesitation. The young lady is receiving some attention for her kindness. The video found its way to YouTube where people can see her kind act as it occurs.

Don't hesitate to let your friends, followers, and family learn about Shaylynn Hampton's good deed. They may feel a renewed enthusiasm in the belief there are some good kids in the world.