13 Old And Classic Beauty Secrets That Are Still Helpful

Oct 16, 2018 by apost team

Since the dawn of humanity, women have strived to achieve maximum beauty. Today, we will go over some of these ancient beauty secrets that have been used by women throughout history.

Aromatherapy Massage


For many women, nothing quite compares to a good massage. If you add aroma balms and oils to the mix, then you will achieve ultimate bliss.




Ancient Roman baths were a favorite amongst women. Hours were spent in baths, where they liked to socialize and mix up hot water with cooler water.

Cabbage Leaves


For centuries, women utilized the pain and inflammation relieving properties of cabbage leaves. As explained by My Nursing Coach, when applied directly to the breasts, their soothing abilities make them especially popular for mothers who are breastfeeding.



Clay is useful for any woman wanting to look and feel their best. Since the ancient times, clay has been found beneficial for health and beauty, as explained here in Pure Nature Cures. It has helped women enjoy radiant skin, strong hair, and cellulite reduction.

Egg Masks


This product has many different recipes, but the outcome is always expected to be the same: strong, glowing hair.

Henna and Basma


This recipe has long been used by women in various combinations to give them a strong, healthy and dark or red hair.

Honey Masks


For thousands of years, honey has been known for its beauty-enhancing qualities. It's very easy to apply, and is great for reducing cellulite. You just have to put some honey on the desired area, press your palm against it, tear away your hand, and repeat.

Lemon Juice


What henna and basma is to red and dark hair, lemon juice and sun is to lighter hair. The next time blonde is in season, use this recipe, as many other women have throughout the centuries.

Olive Oil


Olive oil has long been a popular beauty product. Today olive oil is as useful as ever, as it serves as the base in many modern skin and hair care products.

Rosehip and Cream Balm


What happens when you mix the fragrance of roses with the skin-softening properties of cream? You get a brilliantly simple (or simply brilliant) fusion that has worked for ages.

Sour Cream


Sour cream's ability to soften skin was apparently discovered by accident. Whatever the case may be, as explained by the Healthline, the lactic acid compound has a lot of skin benefits. The lactic acid present in sour cream makes it a great product for skin as well as a tasty condiment found in many foods.



A popular epilation method throughout the ages, sugar has been used to help in hair removal. Even to this day, it is still popular among woman due to its long-lasting effects.

Textured Fabric


Before scrubs, textured fabrics had been the the go-to tool used in removing dead skin cells.

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