13 Cute Cats That Never Want To Get Out Of Their Boxes Again

Aug 11, 2017 by apost team

How cute are these cats? They cuddle with one another or hide in their boxes. But see for yourself how much these cats love their boxes.

1. Hello? What's Going On Out There?

sjallenphotography / istock / thinkstock


2. Nobody Will See Me Here And It's Comfy To Boot!

Vampirica / iStock / thinkstock

3. Meow

Zwilling330 / iStock / thinkstock

4. How Do I Get Out Of Here Exactly?

Wafue / iStock / thinkstock

5. I'm Never Leaving This Box!

GooDween123 / iStock / thinkstock

6. Did I Do Something Wrong?

Valeriya / iStock / thinkstock

7. Oh, It's So Snuggly. I'm Staying

ferrerivideo / iStock / thinkstock

8. There Are Things Going On Out There, But In Here It's So Cozy

Konstantin Tavrov / iStock / thinkstock

9. Who Turned Out The Lights?

Songbird839 / iStock / thinkstock

10. Why Are You Looking At Me Like That? I'm Only Having A Bubble Bath

markcarper / iStock / thinkstock

11. I'm Just Hanging Out

sul55 / iStock / thinkstock


Elena Butinova / Hemera / thinkstock

13. Nobody Will Find Me Here, Haha

Gusztáv Galló / Hermera / thinstock

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