12-Year-Old's Mom Shows Up At School And Sits Next To Son In Class To Stop Him Being Rude To Teachers

Sep 26, 2019 by apost team

This mother crashed her son’s class so she could prevent him from being rude to his teachers. Becky Crandley went into the Sittingbourne Community College located in Kent in the UK. She went and sat next to her son for a surprise experiment.

Her son, who is in Year 8, was showing some signs of a poor attitude in the last year. When he returned to school in the autumn term, it didn’t stop. When she threatened to sit in class with him, his behavior didn’t change much if at all.

So after Becky was sent an email about two incidents in class from his teacher, she took the situation into her own hands. "It all started last year with his behavior change, it's part of growing up, I think, but it's his rudeness and disrespect I cannot stand,” she stated to Kent Live.


She was tired of all the phone calls regarding his behavior. Teachers were telling Becky how rude her son was. Even with all the isolations and detentions, nothing seems to phase him at all. She had been in contact with her son’s school and offered to come to the school to sit with him during the last lesson on Friday, math. The school agreed so Becky came and walked into the school that Friday determined. She was going to do what she said she would. When she got there, he was extremely embarrassed. He had no idea she was coming. She was introduced to the class.


Becky took her story to social media to show how to stand against these naughty teenagers. She felt like what she did was necessary because, “today's children are getting worse by the second.” She feels like more parents need to follow her example and act on their kid’s poor behavior. "It's scary to think what we will leave behind one day,” Becky stated.

On her Facebook post quoted in Kent Live, she said she herself was a big softy when it comes to her kids but she tries her hardest to show them the right way. She does not tolerate the disrespect her son was showing towards his teachers, especially his female teachers. He has been rude recently and she wanted to put an end to it.

Becky only wishes she had gotten a picture of what his face looked like when she walked in. She stated that he was so red, she can’t even compare it to anything.