12-Year-Old Boy Mows Lawns So He Can Save Up Wages To Pay For College

Jaylin Clyburn is setting a great example for kids his age. Not only is this 12-year-old improving the look of his neighborhood, but he's also securing a better future for himself.

When Jaylin realized he needed money for college, he didn't know what he should do at first. Jaylin said he got the idea to mow lawns from observing the success of his cousin's landscaping business.

To generate customers for his lawn-care business, Jaylin decided to post information about it on Facebook. The first person in his community to respond to the post was Joe Lalino. He usually hired professional services, but he was inspired by the spirit of this young lad, reported WCNC.


For the boy's first job, his mom and his cousin came along to oversee the transaction. Joe noticed that Jaylin was using a lawnmower of poor quality. It seemed to be one that his mom might have owned or a spare that was loaned to the boy. Joe had a nicer mower, so he let the boy use his. Jaylin and his cousin both spent some time to carefully make sure the lawn looked great when the job was done.

Joe liked the entrepreneurial spirit of the youngster, so he decided to let him keep the mower as well as help him promote his business. He was impressed with how smart this young boy was, so he helped Jaylin create some flyers and gave him some guidance on how to promote his new venture.

Jaylin has now cut more than 100 lawns, he's well on his way to building a college fund, and he plans to keep his business going. He mows lawns on weekends and after school. He says that he prioritizes his schoolwork and family activities over his business. Like many other boys his age, his dream is to play college football and hopefully make it to the NFL.

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