12 Ways to Tell If Your Best Friend Is Really Your Guardian Angel

Nov 22, 2017 by apost team

Titles:Is Your Best Friend Truly an Angel in Disguise?How to Tell if Your Best Friend is Actually Your Guardian Angel12 Ways to Tell if Your Best Friend is Really Your Guardian AngelImagine, for a moment, how you would picture your guardian angel. Whether or not you think that angels are real, it’s nice to imagine a beautiful angel with shimmering wings, floating down from the heavens solely to make your life better. Now, instead of thinking about what the guardian angel looks like, think about the qualities they must possess to truly be an angel to you. Aren’t these many of the qualities you find in your best friend? Here are a few reasons that your best friend might actually be your guardian angel in disguise. #12: They aren’t Here to Judge YouYour best friend gets you, and always makes a path for you to show your true self. Maybe you are sometimes a different person when other people aren’t watching, but those other people probably don’t include your best friend. Your best friend makes you feel open and judgment free, just as an angel would.#11 They are Protective, but not PossessiveBest friends are there to protect you, even if you don’t always pick up on it. You know that they always have your back, even if they don’t say it. Best friends defend you without having control over you. Sometimes you might not see what lengths your best friend goes to in your protection, but then again, it is sometimes hard to see what angels do for us.#10 Their Advice Means the Most to YouYour best friend is your confidant, the person whom you look for when you need advice. Your best friend is your guardian angel because you can always count on them to give you the best guidance, with your true interests and needs at the heart of it. No matter how wild you may usually be together, when you truly need advice, your best friend and angel will share any wisdom they can with you.#9 You Trust Them with Your LifeIf your guardian angel showed up today and let it be known that they were your angel, whose only purpose was to inspire confidence and trust in you, ultimately protecting you, you would feel an untiring bond of trust. Isn’t this how you feel about your best friend? You trust them so much that you may not even be able to explain it.#8 They’re Always There for YouFrom advice and trust to anything else you need, your best friend is always there for you. You know that it wouldn’t matter if they were carrying the world in their hands, they would drop it just to have your back. Whether it is help for school, your family, or your future, you know that your best friend is there for you. Sound angelic to you?#7 You can’t Imagine Life without ThemIf you met your guardian angel today and were given the time to form a bond with them, you would realize how much better your life is just by having this person in your life who cares so strongly about you. With your best friend, can you imagine them being gone from your life? With the impact they’ve made on your past so far, you always picture them in your future.#6 Your Connection is Strong, Even if it’s UnspokenThe bond between you and your best friend is unmatched by any relationship you’ve ever known. It is strong, pure and unshakeable, and you both feel it to your core. Even if you don’t know how this angelic connection began, you both know it is forever.#5 You were Brought Together by FateYou and your best friend know you were meant to be in each other’s lives. Some of the reasons for your friendship are in the past, and there are many more in the future. It was inevitable that you two came together, and it wasn’t hard to let them in. It’s like divine fate that brought you to each other. Isn’t that how you would meet your guardian angel? #4 Nobody is Better at Making You Feel BetterComforting another person can be hard, unless you two really know and understand each other. You and your best friend can cheer each other up in the worst of times. They know what made you upset in the first place, and they know what will make you happy. Your best friend can make you feel safe, and they will go the extra mile. Your best friend’s angelic compassion makes the dark days brighter.#3 They Know You Best Your best friend knows everything there is to know about you; sometimes, even thinks you don’t realize yourself. Your best friend is aware of your strengths and what makes you happy, and uses those to boost your confidence. They also know what you are afraid of, your weaknesses, and what makes you said. Your best friend comforts you for all of these, and helps you grow as a person. You both grow together and, more often than not, you both embrace each other’s’ silliness and are silly together. Isn’t that how you would imagine your guardian angel would act?#2 Your Best Friend Always Accepts YouThey may not always agree with you, but your best friend always accepts you completely unconditionally. Not only is your best friend there for you through good and bad, and even ugly, but they sometimes love you more for your faults and strangeness. #1 Your Best Friend is Always There for You, Even if They’re the Only OneTimes can get tough in life, and there’s no one there to help you more than your best friend. This is, beautifully, the most angelic quality of a best friend. To guide you, to comfort you, and to guard you, your best friend is there. You know that no matter what happens, this will always be true. Even if you’re struggling through some of the worst moments of your life, they’ll be there. Always remember that this truly makes your best friend your guardian angel, and don’t forget that you are theirs.