12 Ways To Know If The Universe Is Guiding You To A New Path

Have you ever stopped and looked deeply at yourself and your direction in life? Most people have simply out of curiosity, but there are some who do so out of a desire to change some aspect of their life.

In some cases, the world around you will give you fairly obvious signs that something isn't quite properly aligned in your life, but you have to be willing to see those signs for what they are. If any of the following 12 signs apply to you, a strong change could be the best thing for you.

12. General Interest Declination

Perhaps the easiest sign from the universe that something is wrong is a gradual loss of interest in something that once excited you. Perhaps you found a new romantic partner or landed a new job, and while the initial rush of that success made the new situation seem great, it has now lost its luster. If you don't act on this feeling, you could start to feel disgusted with your choice, but you may have no choice but to live with it at that point. Try to find the proper time to cut your losses.


11. Consistently Seeking Change

If what you're doing in life isn't what you should be doing, you'll start to feel a pull toward a general change away from your current path. This desire for change might not have any basis in a change toward a specific direction, but simply a desire to get out of the current situation in favor of something better.

10. Stress Accumulation

If you've recently made a misstep in your life that needs to be corrected, you'll probably start to feel your levels of stress rise. This unexplainable stress will be due to the desire to alter the misstep, and you might not even be able to quantify that connection yourself. You might know you should feel fine, but you still feel uneasy and overly tense.

9. Easily Annoyed

This is another side-effect of the accumulation of stress, and it often goes hand-in-hand with irritation and torn nerves. You'll find that it won't take much to irritate you in this state, and you might feel as if something is blocking you at every turn. That could easily be the universe throwing up corrective roadblocks for you.

8. Automatic Opportunity Scanning

Whenever you aren't traveling down the right road, it can be much easier to see another road and feel the strong urge to take it. You might not even be aware of your search for a new opportunity until you catch yourself considering them compared to your current state. Take time to understand why you feel this way.

7. Negative Body Reaction

In some cases, the feeling that something isn't right extends from your direction in life to your physical form. This is essentially stress manifesting itself as some form of pain in the body, whether it be headaches, backaches, shoulder pain, sinus pressure, or any other stress-induced aches or pains. Your body is literally screaming for you to change your path, so don't ignore this sign.

6. Self-Isolation

If you come to believe that your incorrect path is directly your own fault, you might lose some of the confidence that allowed you to feel socially valuable. You might imagine that your performance has slipped even when it hasn't, or that you're useless and not wanted. Even though these feelings wouldn't be based in reality, they could easily cause you to retract into yourself so as to avoid having to discuss your perceived missteps.

5. Scattered Thoughts

Being confident in your path goes along with the clarity necessary to enact that path, but as you lose confidence, you lose focus. You might find that thoughts no longer flow as smoothly as they once did, or you get easily distracted with wandering ideas. In this instance, the world is telling you to sift through the fog of the world around you with great care.

4. Chance Encounters

Some people believe that nothing happens by accident, and if that's true, the universe would certainly use that finality to convey meaning through seeming coincidence. Perhaps one path is blocked by chance, and another remains open by equally valid chance. In this instance, the universe literally made the decision for you as long as you take the path of least resistance.

3. Multiple Distractions

Distractions are constant for those on the wrong path, and the ironic part is that the discomfort you feel while traveling the wrong path is enough to make you accept the distractions as a welcome reprieve from the wrong path you are stuck on. Perhaps the choices you have made need to be reevaluated if you prefer distractions.

2. Massive Self-Doubt

You should always listen to those innate feelings that seem to stem from some deeper place than the voice inside your head. Doubt is one of those feelings that crawls up from the base of your spine and spreads like a tightness across your chest. The more you come to doubt individual portions of your life and your choices, the more you doubt the rest of them as well. This is a classic sign that you need a shift in direction.

1. Gut Feelings

It really does come down to those indefinable feelings that just seem to be there without any vocalization. These instincts are what connect you to the world around you and your place in it. Don't ignore the power of your gut, especially when it is trying to get you to avoid a wrong path. Once you've started down the wrong path, that gut feeling will get pushed to the back burner, but it will never go away.


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