12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have The Hardest Time Finding Love

If you’ve ever been told that you have an old soul, you probably took it as a compliment. Although it can make you stronger, more intuitive, highly intelligent and is the reason you possess other great qualities, it can mean that getting into a healthy and happy relationship is harder for you. These 12 reasons are why people with old souls have such a difficult time finding “the one.”

1. They have such a strong sense of self.


People with old souls know exactly who they are, meaning that they also know precisely what they do or do not want in a future relationship partner, as well as what works for them and what just doesn’t. This means that while they choose their partners wisely, the amount of people they’re able to select from is scarce.


2. Their intuition can ruin relationships.


Those who possess old souls also have a tendency to overthink. They are excessively sensitive and emotional, causing them to worry about each and every little thing. These assumptions can destroy their relationships if left unchecked.

3. Many are stuck in “twin flame” situations.


People with old souls are often attached to and stuck in passionate relationships with people known as their “twin flames.” These relationships are not meant to last forever but are meant to be a learning lesson before they find their one true love.

4. They need to pursue their higher purpose before they find love.


People with old souls often feel required to fulfill their accomplishments before they settle down. If they waited until they were in a relationship, they love too hard and get distracted by their partner.

5. They don’t settle for less than their soulmate.


Old souls need more than a mediocre relationship that makes them feel content. They refuse to settle for less, which might mean that they end up alone for long periods of time without dating anyone, for fear of an average lover.

6. They can find passion, but not compatibility.


Because they feel emotions so intensely and are so interesting to others, it’s simple for them to find a relationship with passion. It’s more difficult for them to find someone who can fulfill their needs of compatibility or someone who can be their best friend as well as their partner.

7. They want to meet people in traditional ways.

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Online dating websites or apps, having a one night stand after the bar, or blind dates don’t feel natural to an old soul. They prefer to meet in more traditional settings that aren’t as common in modern times.

8. They attract others that need assistance, not love.


Because old souls are natural healers, the people that are attracted to them the most are people in need of guidance. It’s important for people with old souls to remember that they should be seeking a life partner, not a charity case.

9. They loathe “games.”


Dating can be tiresome to people with older spirits. Playing hard to get and other relationship trickery just isn’t in the cards for them, so it might be a turn off when others play games and it becomes stressful instead of fun.

10. Their standards are extremely high.


They hold themselves to high standards, so they hold their partners to an even higher standard. While this isn’t necessarily a bad quality, it needs to be checked up on. They need to feel free to let people express themselves and be who they are without needing to be perfect.

11. They carry baggage.


People with older spirits became this way for many reasons. Maybe they needed to deal with their emotions, grow up quickly, or they went through hardships that shaped them into who they are. While this is great for character building, it can also mean that they have unresolved issues that can cause a rift between them and their partner.

12. They feel intense fear, not just intense love.


Although old souls feel love intensely, they feel fear just as intensely. They especially have a fear of not being good enough for their partners. Their ability to feel any emotion so passionately can ruin the great things in their lives.

Being someone with an older spirit is a privilege, but it doesn’t come without its downsides. Finding love can be difficult, but its worth the wait. Can you relate to any of these 12 traits of old souls?