12 Natural And Powerful Ways To Eliminate Mosquitos

With the warm weather coming, you'll be excited to finally spend more time outdoors. The problem is, mosquitos are just as happy about summer as you so they'll be extremely active. Not only are bug bites obnoxious, but mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus.

Most people stick to using mosquito repellents bought from the store, but most products are filled with DEET. DEET is an extremely harsh chemical that can irritate your skin and cause other serious health problems. So, the best alternative is to make your own natural repellents to stay safe all summer!


1. DIY Lavender Oil

Try mixing 30 drops of lavender with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and apply it to your skin. You'll be moisturized, smell great, and keep mosquitos away!

2. Try Planting Herbs

Humans love the smell of fresh basil, rosemary, and thyme, but mosquitos can't stand it. Plant some herbs outside or keep pots near the entryways of your home. Pro tip: have bug-free BBQs by placing some sprigs of rosemary on hot coals.

3. Make Your Own Candles

Your own homemade candles infused with citronella essential oil to ward off mosquitos. Learn how to make them here!

4. Garlic

As it turns out, eating garlic keeps you safe from vampires and mosquitos! Ingesting garlic releases sulfuric compounds in your body that are expelled through your skin.

5. Dry Ice

If you want to make a mosquito trap, try placing some dry ice in a container with a lid. It will release tons of CO2 that attracts mosquitoes so you can keep them away from you and lock them in a jar.

6. Lemon And Cloves

When you sit outside, try cutting up half a lemon and keeping it on a plate nearby. For even more power, infuse the lemon with some cloves.

7. Vanilla

You'll notice a pattern here that bugs hate the smells we love, so use it to your advantage. Mix a tablespoon of vanilla with a cup of water and spray it or rub it on your body. You'll smell heavenly and repel all the mosquitos!

8. Coffee Grounds

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water, so to kill them, it can be best to go to their source. If you live near a pond, try sprinkling coffee grounds in it. This causes the eggs to die from oxygen deprivation.

9. Baby Oil

Applying baby oil is great for moisturizing your skin and making you too slippery to bite. Just remember to avoid sunshine since oil will cause your skin to fry up!

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar tastes nasty, but it has tons of health benefits. One of the benefits is a similar reaction to garlic. Drink a tablespoon mixed in with a glass of water each day and you'll feel great.

11. Mulch

Red cedar mulch has tons of mosquito-repellent properties. If you don't want to commit to incorporating it into your yard, you can always boil some and spray it around your yard.

12. Hungry Plants

You are probably either freaked out or excited by this option, but, if all else fails, it's time to make some allies. Butterwort, Venus Flytrap, and Pitcher plants are all carnivorous fellows that will help keep your yard mosquito-free.

Which trick is your favorite? Protect your friends this summer by spreading these natural repellents.