12 Life-Saving Tips You Need To Know

Apr 12, 2018 by apost team

You hope it never happens, but it could at any moment. Dangerous situations like an accident, an abduction, or mugging happen to people every day. Most of us are easy targets because we are unsuspecting, which is why learning how to protect yourself and others in life-threatening situations is crucial.

1. Use That Noggin

You must always think to plan your next move during an emergency, but you can also use your head to deter an attacker. Our heads are super strong and can do a lot of damage to a person if you headbutt them. People expect to be punched or kicked, but a blow to their nose could send them spiraling.


2. Drop Your Belongings During An Abduction

Think like Hansel and Gretel. Leave a trail of your belongings behind so that authorities have more information about your identity and where you might have been taken.

3. Don't Stop Moving

Moving targets are much harder to get! Don't stop running or fighting.

4. Familiarize Yourself With Pressure Points

You may only have the chance to strike once, so make it count by hitting a pressure point. You don't have to fight strong, just smart.

5. Go To The Kitchen

If someone breaks into your house, go to the kitchen or any other room where there are weapons. You have the advantage of knowing where everything is.

6. Throw Your Valuables

Muggers don't need to hurt you, but they don't care if they do. Throw your wallet and any other valuables as far away from you as possible so you have time to run. Chances are they won't chase after you.

7. Press Every Button

If you're in an elevator, you have better chances of someone spotting you if you make more stops.

8. Scream!

Yell anything you can to get people's attention. You can't let fear or embarrassment stop you.

9. Learn How To Escape Zipties


This is a very useful method to know how to escape from zip ties! 

10. Change Directions If You're Being Followed

Walk toward a public place and never let anyone following you see where you live.

11. Practice Self-Defense

Lots of communities offer self-defense courses for free!

12. Kick The Knees

Knees are extremely vulnerable. If you knock someone off their feet, you have more time to escape.

Educate everyone you know with these tips! You never know when you might need them.