12 Effective Ways to Get Toned Calves

Do you skip leg day? If so, we understand. Toning up your legs, especially your calves, can be a challenge. The good news is that you don't have to run marathons or hit the gym daily to tone up your calves. These 12 simple exercises will allow you to get in shape without any expensive equipment.

Want to know the secret to all your favorite celebrities' stellar figures? Consistency. Repetition will always be the most important element of exercise. It may take a bit longer than you'd like to see results, but progress is guaranteed when you continually commit to working out. Now, onto the exercises!


1. Tiptoe


This walk is simple and easy. Stand on your toes and walk in a straight line for one minute, then repeat in the opposite direction.

2. Seated Calf Raises

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Gym equipment is good for this exercise, but a chair and dumbbells will work just fine, too. Rest your feet on something so your knees are at a 90-degree angle, then raise your heels.

3. Farmer's Walk


Walk heel-to-toe as if you're on a tightrope with a dumbbell in each hand.

4. Jump Rope


Enjoy a throwback to the playground days by jumping rope! This simple exercise is a great warm-up exercise that improves balance, burns calories and tones your legs!

5. Mountain Climbers


Engage your legs and core with this easy and effective exercise. Start in a sit-up position and rapidly pull one knee to your chest, alternating your legs. Keep your back low and straight throughout the exercise to fully utilize your legs and abdominal muscles.

6. Don't Forget to Warm Up!


Before you try any of these exercises, make sure you stretch your legs and calves thoroughly. Stretching is an important part of both warming up and cooling down after a good workout. A good stretch improves flexibility, stimulates blood flow and significantly lowers your risk of injury during a workout.

7. Dumbbell Split Jumps


With a 5 to 10-pound weight in each hand, lunge forward. The knee of your back leg shouldn't touch the ground, but you should aim for a deep (not painful) stretch.

8. Stair Run


This is one workout you can do just about anywhere. A 10 to 15 minute trek up and down a flight of stairs will work out your calves, tone your legs and give you some great cardio.

9. Reverse Dumbbell Lunge


With your preferred weight in dumbbells at your side, step backwards into a lunge. Keep your front leg at a 90-degree angle, and repeat on each side 10 to 20 times.

10. Calf Raises


Stand with your feet shoulder-length apart and stand on the balls of your feet. Hold the position for several seconds and repeat. Make sure you keep your spine straight rather than leaning forward or backward.

11. Goblet Squat


If you haven't noticed a lot of these exercises will tone more than just your calves. You're really getting a full-leg workout with squats, and this exercise is no exception.
Holding a dumbbell or kettlebell, go into a low squat and hold for several seconds. Raise, pause and repeat.

12. Pistol Squat


Keep hands and shoulders parallel to the floor. Squat down and extend one leg outward, using the other to balance. Stand up, switch sides and repeat.


Did these tips help you? Do you have any other exercise tips you live by? Tell us your suggestions in the comments and pass these tricks on to your friends and loved ones who might need them. 

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