12 Awesome Ways To Use Muffin Tins That Will Make You Feel Like A Domestic Goddess

Don't neglect your muffin tins. Whip them out and start using them for crafts, organizing, planting, and cooking things other than muffins. Master the homemaking life and check out these alternative ways to start using your muffin tins today!


1. Kid-Friendly Spill-Free Trays

Prevent your kids from crying over spilt milk by simply placing a muffin tin in a basket. Portion out their snacks and drinks in the tins and send them off to enjoy with their friends in the backyard. Easy for the kids to carry and worry-free.



2. Party Ice Cubes

Got a punch bowl that needs some chilling? Use a muffin tin to make large ice cubes for your next party. Get fancy and throw in a some fruit for extra flavor.


3. Prepared Ice Cream Scoops

Pre-scoop your ice cream in a muffin tin and have them ready to go for your guests.


4. Tray of Condiments

For your next BBQ party, don't bother bringing out every messy condiment bottle in your fridge. Impress your guests with a display of condiments in muffin tins. The more the merrier!


5. Organize Your Garden

Plant seeds more evenly when you use muffin tins to mark a grid in your patch of dirt. You'll feel giddy when you see your seeds sprout in perfect alignment.


6. Hardware Containers

Keeping your nails and screws in a bunch of separate boxes ends up in chaos. Organize them in muffin tins instead!


7. Perfect Stuffed Peppers

If you've ever made stuffed peppers before, you know the struggle of keeping them upright. Ensure that they stay that way in the oven by putting them in muffin tins first.


8. Snack Bar

Rather than putting out a bag of pretzels and watch your kids devour them, give them smaller portions of a variety of snacks.


9. Organize Your Drawers

Place a muffin tin in a drawer and keep your thumb tacks, paper clips, and other office accessories separate.


10. Plant Succulents

Make a beautiful display of miniature succulents by planting them in a muffin tin.


11. Paint Palette

Ensure your colors don't run into each other by mixing them in individual muffin cups.


12. Freeze Leftover Coffee

Freeze your leftover coffee in a muffin tin and make some iced coffee with it later.


Try out these life hacks and give us your opinion on whether they're worth it! Tell your friends about them and find out who is a true domestic goddess.