12 Awesome Dates Perfected For Every Zodiac Sign. Try Them Out For Yourself

Apr 05, 2018 by apost team

Even though many people claim they don’t believe in horoscopes, you can catch them sneaking a peek at the newspaper or their favorite website to see what the stars have in store for them. Even people who don’t believe in horoscopes have heard all the personality traits for each sign, and they may have subconsciously taken these on. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun.

Aries: Go to the Gym

Aries thrive on competing with people. Try taking your date to the gym to work off some of those steamy feelings. It will be fun for both of you to get some exercise and flirt at the same time.


Taurus: Go for a Run

Take your Taurus partner for a run or walk, ideally through the woods or at the park. This will give you a sense of intimacy that you can’t get in a crowded place. The runner's high will give you both a lift.

Gemini: Theme Park Fun

Running around a theme park may not sound like a great time to everyone, but Gemini loves the extra stimulation. The thrills of a theme park date appeal to their fun-loving nature.

Cancer: Take them to the Beach

As water signs, Cancers love the serene atmosphere of the beach. Let them relax on the sand and splash them in the water. They love soaking it all in.

Leo: Wild Night on the Town

Leos thrive on attention and are drawn to other strong personalities. Take them to a rock concert and enjoy their fiery personality.

Virgo: Buy them a Book

Even though Virgos are one of the most orderly Zodiac signs, don’t take them for being dull and boring. They like relaxing experiences such as trips to a used bookstore.

Libra: Go See the Fishes

Libra loves the calm of the aquarium. Watch the colorful fish swim by and forget your troubles.

Scorpio: Go for a Hike

Let Scorpio blow off steam by taking them on a hike in the wilderness. Sometimes a natural experience is all Scorpio needs to calm down.

Sagittarius: Fly High

Sagittarius’ natural curiosity would be satisfied by a helicopter tour of their favorite city. Sagittarius loves a new experience.

Capricorn: Explore a City

Take Capricorn to a new city and explore together. Their famous sense of direction will keep you on target.

Aquarius: Romantic Picnic

Since Aquarius is an air sign, they love the simple things in life. Take them to the park in the evening and have a candlelit picnic.

Pisces: Create Something New

Pisces is a sign bursting with originality. Give them a creative outlet and make a keepsake painting to remember the evening by.

Let your friends and family know about these secrets, and you may be taken out for a surprise ;)