11-Year-Old Crochet Prodigy Donates Proceeds To Ethiopian Orphanage Where He Was Raised

Jonah Lawson is an 11-year-old crochet prodigy from La Cross, Wisconsin. An orphanage in Ethiopia is now benefitting from the awesome talent possessed by Jonah.

Jonah became 'famous' last January when a viral video hit the web that showed the young boy's crocheting skills. We do not usually associate crocheting with any list of hobbies that interest young boys. However, learning to crochet changed Jonah's life in a huge way.


Jonah's love for crochet began when he found a hook among a box of craft supplies when Jonah was five years old. Later, he watched a YouTube video that demonstrated the basics of stitching. Jonah was able to teach himself to crochet by watching the video. He says he was hooked on crocheting from the moment he stitched his first piece.

Speaking to the Inside Edition, Jonah said: 

“I crochet because it’s very relaxing for me, because I have a very busy mind, and it’s nice to have a little quiet time when I come home from school, my family and teachers and stuff are just glad I’m making them stuff and not playing video games or something unproductive.”

A lot has changed for the 11-year-old since the video first went viral. He is now using the platform provided to him for the benefit of children in his Ethiopian homeland. Jonah was adopted in Ethiopia when he was six months old.

He started a GoFundMe with the intent to provide students in Ethiopia the opportunity to discover their own potential and passions. He has also established a partnership with Roots Ethiopia. The non-profit provides support to children and families in Ethiopia.

Half of the money collected from Jonah's GoFundMe campaign will go to Roots Ethiopia, whilst the other half is to be used to pay for a return trip to his homeland. Jonah wants to spread his love for crocheting in person.

Jonah has a massive social media following and sells some of the pieces he creates. He sends some of the proceeds from the sales to the orphanage that was his home as an infant. When asked of his future plans, Jonah says he wants to attend West Point Military Academy and become a surgeon.

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