11 Things You Would Never Know About Prince Phillip, Husband To Queen Elizabeth

Husband to Queen Elizabeth ||, Prince Phillip stays out of the limelight for the most part. However, the Duke of Edinburgh has played a pivotal role in the royal family and has contributed to society and ways you may not have ever known. Here are 11 facts you probably never knew about the royal consort:

1. He was born on the family kitchen table in Greece

According to the Independent, Phillip was born in 1921 on the kitchen table of his family home in Corfu, Greece to the Greek Royal Family. He was born to Prince Andrew who was away as a professional soldier in the Greek Army but soon after Phillip's birth his father would be accused of treason and arrested. 


2. He was smuggled out of Greece as a child 

As political turmoil heated up in Greece, the family had to flee the country. The Daily Mail reports,

"Aged 18 months, the future Duke of Edinburgh was bundled into a makeshift cot – an orange crate – as the family escaped on a British warship."

3. His mom was sent to a mental institution 

According to The Daily Beast, his mother was committed to a mental institution in Germany in 1930. She was diagnosed with a neurotic-pre-psychotic libidinous condition and underwent X-rays to accelerate menopause.  

4. He was bullied during school 

Phillip was made fun of at prep school for having no last name. He was only ever referred to as "Phillip of Greece" the Daily Beast reports. 

5. He was the first member of the Royal family to be interviewed on T.V. 

In May 1961, Phillip gave an interview on the BBC about his tour of the Commonwealth where he advocated for more skilled workers in the labor force according to the Press Secretary of the Queen. 

6. Phillip is worshiped as a god on an island in the South West Pacific 

According to a statement issued by the Press Secretary of Queen Elizabeth ||,

"The islanders of Tanna, one of the islands in Vanuatu in the South West Pacific, worship the Duke of Edinburgh as a god. Vanuatu was formerly the Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides, which Prince Philip visited in 1971."

7. For all of Prince Phillip's public speaking, he is actually quite shy

A family member of Prince Phillip told the Independent,

"What you have to understand about him, is something that very few realise: that beyond the sense of duty and obligation is a great natural shyness."

8. He has pet names for his wife, Queen Elizabeth 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the duke has pet names for the queen that include 'cabbage' and sometimes, 'sausage.' He's probably the only one who can get away with this. 

9. The duke was in the Royal Navy during World War ||

Prince Phillip was only 18 years old when he was a midshipman on the HMS RAMILLIES that carried allied forces from Australia to Egypt in a statement issued by the Press Secretary to the Queen. 

10. Prince Phillip has written several books about the environment and wildlife 

According to Royal Central, the Duke has contributed for a number of books, including ‘Birds from Britannia’ (1962); ‘Wildlife Crisis’ (with James Fisher, 1970); ‘The Environmental Revolution’(1978); ‘Survival or Extinction: A Christian Attitude to the Environment’ (1989); and so much more. 

11. Prince Phillip recently surrendered his driver's license after getting into an accident in January

The New York Times reported the prince being involved in a crash on Jan. 17, 2019 after colliding with another vehicle. Passengers of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries but the Duke voluntarily surrendered his driver license after the incident according to a spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace. 

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