11 Teas That Do More For Your Body Than One Hour At The Gym

Dec 21, 2018 by apost team

Here are 11 different teas that can be just as beneficial to your body as a routine workout. Learn how you can improve your health, enjoy a relaxing drink, and avoid all the sweat!

Everything You Need To Know About Tea


Natural teas are the world’s most consumed beverage of choice and it’s been that way for hundreds of years. Most teas come from the evergreen plant Camellia Sinensis. Drinking tea regularly can reduce your chance of heart disease and even help to protect blood cells from normal damages. Research shows that drinking tea routinely can even promote weight loss.


1. Puerh Tea


This little-known tea is named after the town of Pu-erh in China. It’s a fermented tea. Puerh is dried and treated to add beneficial bacteria and unique flavoring. Peurh leaves age like a fine wine. The longer the tea is aged the more earthy and aromatic it becomes. Some studies show that Puerh raises your level of fat-burning processes within the body.

2. Black Tea


Black tea is your standard American and British tea. This traditional tea is rich in flavonoids and nutrients to promote a healthy state within your body. Polyphenols found in black tea help your digestive system produce special fatty acids that are beneficial to your whole metabolic system.

3. Green Tea


Green tea is the most well-known version of the drink. You can find all over the world from California bistros to Bangladesh cafes. Green tea has been repeatedly shown to be effective tea when it comes to weight loss. This is tea is full of antioxidants which will help jump-start your metabolism to burn all of that unwanted belly fat away. 

4. Oolong tea


Oolong is a classic Chinese aged tea. It has a very deep nutty flavor that will get your taste-buds going. It’s not as full of healthy polyphenols as other teas, but it promotes fat loss and is very aromatic and soothing after a long day. The biggest benefit of Oolong tea is that it helps to actually increase your metabolism and ability to burn fat quickly. It promotes a healthy fat-burning mechanism within your body.

5. White Tea


The majority of white teas are very meticulously selected and minimally processed to maintain its light palate. White tea has a very fragile, gentle, graceful aromatic taste that will really help you unwind in the mornings when you start your day. This amazing tea has been researched for countless decades, and it even shows promising results in fighting against certain cancer cells.

6. Rooibos Tea


Aspalathus Linearis is the plant that rooibos tea is derived from. It has recently been the subject of many scientific studies that have shown it may have more health benefits than what was first thought. It’s completely full of antioxidants in comparison to other teas and similar plants. It can reduce cell damage, reduce blood sugar levels, and improve the way your body processes insulin.

7. Matcha Tea


Matcha is the most common strain of tea used in powdered teas. It is much more concentrated when brewed which makes it a more potent drink than other teas. It’s very dense and rich in all the same health benefits of other teas. This drink is shown to help speed up fat oxidation when consumed before exercise.

8. Lemon Balm Tea


This herbal drink isn’t technically from the tea family, but it is among the most sought-after and preferred herbal beverages in the world. It’s related to the peppermint plant but has a zesty flavor instead of mint. It has properties which can help maintain your hormone levels, help you sleep, give you healthier looking hair, and even improve your skin complexion.

9. Cinnamon Tea


You may have never even realized that you can make a deliciously decadent herbal tea from plain old cinnamon. This herb could be your new alternative to your favorite sugary drinks, given that it can help you lose weight, kick your immune system into high gear, and it doesn’t contain the caffeine. 

10. Turmeric Tea


This herbal tea is not for the faint of heart. Turmeric is the spicy kitchen condiment that’s usually present in Indian and Asian dishes. This form of tea is predominantly consumed in Chinese traditional medicine treatments. If you suffer from chronic pain then you might find that Turmeric can relieve swelling that causes aches. It can also help flush out a slow digestive system.

11. Ginger Tea


Ginger is an herb just like cinnamon and turmeric. The great upside of this drink is that it has all the same benefits of other herbal teas but can be much more pleasurable to the taste-buds. Add a slice of lemon to give it a boost of vitamin C so you get the biggest benefit from the high levels of nutrients and antioxidants.


Try out your favorite teas from this article to find new and impressive healthy alternatives to your usual beverages. Let your friends know which ones are the best so they can enjoy them too!

Our content is created to the best of our knowledge, yet it is of general nature and cannot in any way substitute an individual consultation by your doctor. Your health is important to us!