11 Signs That You May Have Psychopathic Tendencies

Apr 03, 2018 by apost team

Psychopathy is a lot more common than you think, and chances are you've met at least one psychopath in your life, and you will encounter more. Here are 11 signs on how to identify a psychopath.

1. You Know How To Turn The Charm On

You are a human thermometer in social settings. You have a keen sense of how to feel the vibe of the room and you adjust yourself accordingly. You're a smooth talker who is always cool and knows how to schmooze.



2. You're A Natural Liar

Morality is thrown out the window if you're a psychopath because you don't really care. You want to get everything you want and it doesn't matter what the price is. If making your way to the top requires trampling over everyone else, you'll gladly do it.

3. Drama Is Fun

Most people say they hate drama, but they love to be up to date on all the gossip. People don't want any drama in their lives, but hearing about it is very exciting. You, on the other hand, don't care if there are waves in your life. You are very interested in observing those around you and how they react.

4. You Don't Feel Guilt

What you lack in morality you make up for in rationality. You're extremely intelligent and you only behave rationally when it comes to following your goals. If you hurt someone, you won't have trouble falling asleep at night.

5. You're Temperamental

You must be in control, so when something threatens that, you get very agitated. You try hard to stay collected, but sometimes your anger gains control. You need everyone to stay out of your way so you can efficiently achieve what you want.

6. You're Down For Whatever In Bed

Nothing is taboo to you. In fact, taboo sex is the best kind of sex. You're willing to try whatever because you won't say no to anything.

7. You're Impulsive

You are driven by your desires alone. If you want something, you do whatever you can to get it. If you hate something, you do whatever you can to flee from it. The important thing, though, is that you always stay under the radar. If you can't rationalize your actions, you will brainstorm until you can successfully climb to the top.

8. You're Sneaky

You feel so satisfied when you successfully lie, cheat, or take advantage of somebody without being discovered. People are just tools for your own gain and you don't have any personal connections with anyone.

9. You're Selfish

You were never one to share your toys as a kid, and you didn't outgrow that habit. Psychopaths are inherently selfish because they lack any form of empathy.

10. You Fake Sympathy Without Actually Caring

While you can't empathize, you can feign sympathy easily. You've watched others do it before, and you mimic. There are benefits to faking emotions since it gets others to trust you, which makes them easier to take advantage of later.

11. You Need Things Done Your Way

Psychopaths often have a routine that they follow religiously. If there is any deviation from your routine, then you can't handle it. If you can't relinquish control and need things to be done exactly to your preference, then you may be a psychopath.

Do you identify with any of these tendencies or know someone who does? Don't let your friends and family miss out on this article so they can spot these traits!