11 Odd Symptoms That You Didn't Know Were Caused By Anxiety

Though all of us sometimes feel anxious, some individuals actually struggle with anxiety disorders. These disorders are more than a mere fleeting feeling. They are actual mental conditions that cause physical symptoms that can seem debilitating to those who experience them on a regular basis.

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There is a lot of mystery surrounding the causes of anxiety disorders. It's a condition that is both highly complex and often misunderstood. Many people are shocked to discover that anxiety causes these physical manifestations. Rather than just mental or emotional in nature, this condition impacts the body as well. In fact, many anxiety sufferers often wonder if they have other physical problems, such as vertigo, asthma, or heart problems.

For a person who already feels anxious, experiencing these symptoms can be horrifying. If you notice yourself or your loved ones experiencing these symptoms, it may be time to seek out a diagnosis and treatment for anxiety.



What happens during an anxiety attack is that the body's fight-or-flight hormone response kicks into high gear. Sometimes the situation doesn't seem to actually warrant such a response.

Here are a few of the symptoms that chronic anxiety sufferers often notice in their lives:



If you feel dizzy when you get anxious, you may have an anxiety problem.

Tense Muscles


If you notice your muscles tensing up when you start to feel nervous, that's a tell-tale sign of anxiety.



Though there are many causes of frequent headaches, anxiety is one of them.

Acid Reflux


If numerous situations make your esophagus feel like it's on fire, you may have anxiety.

Profuse Perspiration


If you sweat more than the average person even when it's not hot outside, you could have anxiety.

Back and Neck Pain

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Chronic pain in these two areas can be caused by anxiety.

Heart Pounding


If you suddenly notice your heart thumping hard like it's about to pop out of your chest, you may have an anxiety problem.

Urinary Urgency


Are you noticing that you have to go to the bathroom all the time? This urinary urgency is sometimes linked to anxiety.

Stomach Problems


A general tendency toward upset stomach can sometimes be linked to anxiety.



If you're stuck in the bathroom with frequent diarrhea you may be suffering from anxiety.

Shortness of Breath


If you get a frequent feeling of not being able to catch your breath you may have anxiety.

When an anxiety sufferer anticipates their symptoms they can sometimes experience an increase in those symptoms. It becomes a vicious cycle that feels almost impossible to break. Thinking about the next anxiety attack can actually cause someone to experience those attacks more frequently.

Though anxiety seems like a really challenging problem to deal with, there is hope for sufferers. Both in the realm of natural remedies and traditional medical treatment, numerous patients have been able to see an improved quality of life.

Can you relate to any of the symptoms listed above? Have you ever sought out treatment for anxiety? If so, what worked best in your particular situation? We'd love to find out your thoughts on this vital topic. Let us know your reaction to this article. Pass it along to help others who may be suffering from anxiety without realizing it.

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