11 Makeup Tips To Maximize The Beauty Of Your Routine

Dec 19, 2018 by apost team

Beauty standards have evolved a lot. Remember learning how the Greeks and Chinese covered their faces with all that white powder that was full of lead?

Aren't you glad times have changed? We certainly are!


And though our changing times have more complex trends than layers of powder, we have a few tips and tricks to give you a flawless complexation no matter what your style is! 

1. No natural light 

Natural light actually isn't the same when it comes through a window. It refracts and shines harshly and unevenly on your face, showing even more imperfections. That might not sound bad, but you'll be piling layers of makeup to cover spots you won't see in any other lighting. Your face will feel cakey and uncomfortable. Our advice? Get a mirror with all-around bulbs that lights your face evenly. Bulbs with neutral toning instead of yellow/blue look even more natural. 

2. Use painting brushes 

On a budget? Check out your craft stores! Art brushes are cheaper than makeup ones and with a bit of ingenuity, you can find doubles for your cosmetic brushes. An oval angular brush for lipstick, a flat square one for finishing touches - the possibilities are endless! 

3. Apply conditioner on natural brushes 

Conditioner isn't just for our hair! The fine bristles on natural brushes need a little TLC so they stay soft and flexible. Conditioners are even gentler than most brush cleaners! 

4. Make sure your products have a single base 

Cosmetics have one of two bases - water or oil - but this is a not a time to mix and match! Water and oil just don't mix and they aren't going to start now. Once you figure out which base works best for your skin, make sure your cream, primer, and foundation all have the same base, or your makeup will not stay even! 

5. Try an eye primer instead of cream 

Primers are pretty amazing. They are lightweight and full of light-reflective particles so they're a perfect first step before applying concealer. The pinkish color also helps even skin tone, so you'll have to use less heavy makeup for a flawless complexation! 

6. Use mineral powder properly 

Mineral powders are great for sensitive skin because they are free of irritating synthetic agents and work with your primer or skin oil to give you light, smooth coverage. But because the particles dissolve slowly, mineral powders have a rather delayed effect. If you want an immediate change, smooth the powder over your primer and spray on moisturizer immediately afterwards. The minerals will dissolve almost instantly! 

7. Cover under-eye bags correctly 

There's a quick fix for those under-eye bags! Pick a concealer that's a bit lighter than your skin tone to cover the darkness and apply it in a triangular pattern. Start at your eye's inner corner, go down the curve of your nose, and then aim for your eye's outer corner. Shade in the makeup and your bags should disappear! 

8. Use strobing wisely 

Strobing is an effect generated by using light-reflecting products on certain parts of your face to give you a fresh glow and correct your profile, but this is not a one-technique-fits-all method. Here are a few tips for different skin tones and conditions: 

  • Visible wrinkles - Mix light-flectng products with powder so you don't highlight your face's unevenness 
  • Oily skin - Keep products away from the 'T-zone' where oil is most often produced to avoid an 'pancake' effect 
  • Swollen areas - Use matte makeup on swollen spots because light-reflecting products make them look bigger 
  • Acne patches - Pimples are noticeable when light is drawn to them, so use products under foundation for a more muted effect 

9. Fill in between upper lashes for cat-eyes 

Those eyelid wings are trendy and striking, but they are hard to master. A good tip for a striking cat-eye is to make sure you fill in the spaces between your upper lashes. Pick a soft, powder-like pencil for the job. It's easy to hold and the makeup goes on smooth and stays on all day. Bonus tip - the darker the pencil, the more vibrant your cat eyes will be! 

10. Use wet technique for eyeshadow 

Dry eyeshadow is fine and powdery, but using it with a wet brush completely transforms it so you can make beautiful lines! Wet the brush and squeeze out the excess water (or makeup fixating spray or face moisturizing spray) so the bristles are damp, and then smooth on your eyeshadow with light, gliding strokes. 

11. Finish with transparent powder 

You know those magazines with the perfect Photoshop glow? That's transparent powder's matte finish and tiny light-reflective particles! It's a finishing product because it doesn't shade or blur imperfections with other products, so apply this at the end with a duo-fiber brush. Be careful not to add too much, or the reflection will make you pale as a ghost! 

Do you have other tips and tricks for flawless coverage? Let us know! Show this to your friends and family on Facebook to get them ready for their close-ups!