11 Characteristics Of An Unforgettable Woman

Aug 24, 2018 by apost team

There are many extraordinary women out there in the world, but not all of them have the partners or friends they deserve. That might be because they have lost patience with people who take advantage of their good graces and disrespect or lie to them. Unfortunately, unremarkable people often fail to notice the good qualities of the more remarkable ones. In fact, they may disparage the very qualities they lack themselves such as happiness and ambition. Exes and former friends often only realize how special these types of women are once they are gone. Below are 11 characteristics of extraordinary women that are appreciated by those who do love them.



Everyone is aware of your kindness even if they do not always return it. You are friendly, considerate and generous no matter what, and you do not know how many people love your or how many lives you have touched. In a world that is often unkind, this is a very special trait.




Anyone who has fallen in love with you has probably fallen in love with this quality. Your self-worth doesn't come from who you are with but from your strong and independent spirit and your unique qualities. Your independence also means you are unafraid to strike out on your own and do what you think is right.



You probably tend to put the needs of other people ahead of your own, and if you think about the extraordinary women in your life, they probably have as well. All of you make the world better even when it doesn't mean putting yourself first.



You never forget women like Princess Diana and Jacqueline Kennedy who have style, grace and elegance. They were also disparaged from turning away from anything that was beneath them and tabloid-esque. Your grace and humility is like theirs, and you have all the class that they personified.



Your enthusiasm for all kinds of things drives you, and no matter is too small to incite your passion. This enthusiasm is infectious to others around you. Too few people show real passion these days, and this is one reason this is such a beloved quality.



You don't hesitate to lend your support to your partner, your family and your friends. You do this even when you don't agree entirely with them. They know they can always count on you.



You are wise. Sometimes, you know others better than they know themselves. However, your loved ones know you are full of wisdom and know to pay attention to your insight.



You are always there to lift people's spirits with your positive attitude and your good energy. You are eager to take on the world, and you give other people the strength to do that as well.


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You aren't afraid to be honest even when it is not something other people want to hear. Your kindness is not the same thing as weakness, and you make sure that people know this.



Keeping on and holding your head high is not easy in the world today. You may not always have been appreciated for your extraordinary qualities and may have faced pressure to change, but you have persisted and are all the more extraordinary for that.



People value you for all the love you have shown them. This includes the times you have been there to listen when needed, given needed advice and allowed others to see how extraordinary you are.

What do you think? Do you or other extraordinary women you know possess these traits, and do people appreciate them? Let us know in the comments!