103-Year-Old Shares The Secret To A Long Life And It's Something Everyone Can Do

Most people would love to live long enough to see their grandkids graduate college or get married, or even see their great grandkids reach these milestones. But no one wants to workout for hours a day, never drink alcohol or coffee or other vices, and live off only spinach and protein shakes. 

But a 113-year-old man says everyone can live as long as him if they follow this one simple "secret." 


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113-year-old Francisco Nunez Olivera from Spain is one of the oldest men in the world, and on his recent birthday he shared the secret of how he's lived so long. 

His method is to add homegrown vegetables to the diet and have a glass of red wine everyday. Olivera said that these two things not only kept his alive so long, but also have helped him from feeling old. 

Don't take just one man's advice though. Frederick Vinecombe was born in 1914, the same year that World War I began. Despite his remarkable age of 103, Vinecombe isn't on any medication, has never been hospitalized, and still has all of his teeth in place. That feat would be impressive even on a man half his age! 

Vinecombe states that the reason he's lived so long is that he's worked hard all his life and avoids trouble and bad situations. He worked as a tax collector until he was 80 years old, and he always ate plenty of vegetables and not many greasy foods. 

When he was a young man, he served in the military as a flight captain after the second World War broke out. During the war, his plane was shot down and he spent the remainder of the conflict in a camp for prisoners of war. 

Both Francisco Nunez Olivera and Frederick Vinecombe have both lived for over a century, which is an incredible feat. But they attribute this to the fact that they ate a healthy diet with plenty of fresh greens and other vegetables. Olivera also suggests that people drink a glass of red wine everyday. Vinecombe, on the other hand, suggests staying out of trouble when possible and working a hard and fulfilling job.

These tips are something everyone can do without making huge lifestyle changes! Make these changes and you might just live to see the next century. 

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