10-Year-Old Wows Orchestra Teacher With Performance Of Van Halen’s "Eruption" On Guitar

It was obvious Garrett Podgorski had talent from an early age. The boy was only 10 years old in 2012, when he knocked it out of the park with a guitar performance at an elementary school concert, showing that he had what it took to be a musical sensation.

According to Yahoo! News, at the time that this video was recorded, Garrett had only been playing the guitar for two years. The child prodigy made his big debut by playing the song "Eruption" by rock band Van Halen. Garrett's teacher had originally had him playing the bass. However, after seeing a video of Garrett on the guitar, she knew that she had to let him showcase his stuff on this instrument.


The stage was set for Garrett during a 2012 orchestra strings concert. Garrett nervously walked out onto the stage and began playing the complicated riff on his electric guitar, leaving the students and the audience stunned by his talent.

The people in the audience went wild, knowing that they were witnessing the beginning of something very special. Garrett performed the song flawlessly, while still managing to add his own personal touches to the legendary song.

Garrett is now 18 years old and still performing. He even has a YouTube channel where he showcases his spectacular guitar solos. His rendition of "Eruption" boasts more than 6.7 million views.

You can see where it all started when you watch this video of 10-year-old Garrett playing "Eruption." After you have watched the young musical prodigy get his start, be sure to spread the musical sensation to everyone else in your social network.