10-Year-Old Sits Down In Front Of Her Mom, Now Watch What They Do To Her Hair

Dec 10, 2015 by apost team

10-year-old Katelyn walked into her house and announced that she wanted to shave her head! She had brought home a St.Baldrick's Foundation flyer and she knew that she wanted to help kids with cancer. Back in 2014. Katelyn shaved her head bald in an auditorium packed with people. With this gesture, she honored Emily, a little girl who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.Katelyn not only shaved her head, she also managed to raise over $7000 dollars for cancer research for children. In the video below one sees Katelyn taking a deep breath before the buzzers shear off her beautiful hair. One can see that she is totally overwhelmed with a lot of emotions...excitement coupled with nervousness...and everybody in the room is moved to tears as they watch this brave girl.Katelyn's bravery took her Mom by surprise. “I can’t tell you how many parents said, ‘I could never let my daughter do that, I could never let her shave her head,’” she says. “But when you have a 10-year-old who can raise this kind of money and go up there and be brave and shave all her hair off, that says a lot. I don’t think she needs to shave her head to prove a point, but, why not?”Katelyn is a true hero and an inspiration for all of us!




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