10-Year-Old Sings John Lennon Leaving Everyone Speechless

If you've been to any elementary school music concerts lately, you know that they are usually adorably cute and mindlessly dull.

Adam Kornowski, a fourth grader at Lakeside Grade School in Minnesota, certainly exploded all expectations when he chose to sing "Imagine" by John Lennon.

Since the Beatles were popular decades ago, it was a shocking choice to hear a young boy in 2018 sing one of Lennon's songs. Not only was the song choice a stunner, but Adam played the piano and sung with such soulful vocals that the audience gave him a standing ovation. Most of the parents said they had tears in their eyes during his rendition.



Adam's father taught him to both sing and play the piano. Adam also watched lots of Youtube videos to learn piano techniques. His mother said that Adam really wanted to choose a song to perform that would inspire others and would be a break from the endless strife that many are feeling right now.


Adam's song did not just inspire people in the auditorium that night. Once a video of him playing and singing the song made it to the internet, it quickly went viral. His mother's Facebook page was flooded with comments of praise for Adam. She said that she thinks people were hungry for hope and Adam's version of Lennon's transcendent song overwhelmed audiences with joyful emotion.

Adam's parents aren't sure what will happen next. Adam continues to love singing, playing piano and performing, and he would like for this instant fame to provide him with opportunities to perform on bigger stages. But for now, Adam and his family are reveling in his newfound fame and glory.

What do you think of Adam's performance? If you enjoyed this little musician, feel free to tell your friends and family about this talented 4th grader who can pull off a John Lennon song!