10-Year Old Girl’s Painting Of Her Mother Wins Award But She Shocks Everyone When She Says “She Is Not My Mother”

Recently a ten year old girl won an art award. She drew a picture of her mother. But she stunned everyone involved when she declared that the person in the painting was not her mother.

Ten-year-old Yang Yah Ting just won the first prize award at the Kaohsiung Children’s Art award for her beautiful and touching painting named “Mother.” The lovely painting depicted a mother leaning over to protect her baby while it sleeps peacefully under her.


Yang Yah Ting stated, “She’s not my mother,” during the awards ceremony. No one expected such a reaction from the young lady.

Surely the painting was inspired by the child’s mother. So the audience didn’t understand what the young girl meant with her astonishing statement.

Yang Yah Ting first met her mother when she came to a nursery ten years ago. A young woman brought the mother, Chang, a tiny baby. She stated that the baby needed Chang’s nursery care urgently. The young woman explained that the tiny infant had been subjected to domestic abuse and that the baby’s parents were in jail for drugs.

The lady also stated that the baby had smashed limbs and brain damage due to the abuse she received. Unfortunately, the staff at the nursery told Chang that they couldn’t take a baby with so many special needs.

From that point on, Chang took charge of the tiny baby and dedicated her time to caring for Yang Yah Ting. Chang took the baby to the doctor for specialized treatment and even provided regular massages to the child to increase the baby’s ability to move her paralyzed limbs.

Chang’s husband didn’t understand her dedication to raising the child and give her a better life in their home. Chang was so dedicated to the little girl that she protected the baby even when the nursery collapsed around them during a massive earthquake.

Little Yang Yah Ting survived the earthquake. Her mother, Chang, did not.

Chang used her body to protect her child. For that reason, Yang Yah Ting stated that Chang was greater than her mother.

You can watch the whole story in the video below:

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