10 Warning Signs Your Personality Intimidates Other People

Jan 11, 2019

Do you often feel like no one really gets you? You say one thing, and people hear another. You offer advice, and people tell you to stop telling them what to do. You try to help a friend see their situation from a different perspective, and they tell you you're not a therapist.


We live in a society filled with judgment. Often times, judging someone else takes the pressure off ourselves. People judge others for many reasons, though few of them have anything to do with the other person. Think about it: How you see the world comes from within. We project our internal environments on to other people. If we're naturally unhappy with ourselves, we're more likely to only see what's wrong in everyone else.

You may not understand why people always seem to get the worst impression of you. While it's good to be aware of how others see us, we must remember that their opinions do not define who we are.

Take some time today to reflect and see if any of these 10 signs of an intimidating personality relate to you.


10. You tell it like it is.


People who are straightforward and direct tend to be taken as mean or coldhearted. You always speak the truth, and that's commendable. Just make sure when you do lay it all out, you do so with the other person's feelings in mind.

9. You're open-minded and want to try new things.


Some people will say you're unfocused or restless, but you just have a big mind that wants to experience life in a thousand ways. People usually live a polarized existence; they avoid anything that contradicts their way of thinking and fight anyone who disagrees with them.

If you're the type of person who likes to hear both sides of an argument simply for information's sake, don't let naysayers and close-minded people change you.

8. You Innovate


You've never been a follower, and sometimes, you feel like a lone wolf more than the leader of the pack. Your brazen attitude and ability to look past a problem and focus on the solution can make others feel uneasy. They can't predict your next move, so they're likely to criticize you instead.

7. You're direct.


You don't fear approaching someone and letting them know how they make you feel or if they've said something that offended you. People often ask you to break bad news to others because they know you can do it easily.

You value honesty above all else, and many people will find this intimidating. They feel vulnerable around you, pressured to speak their own minds even when they're unsure of themselves.

6. You're strong-willed.


You have guts of steel and never back down. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you stand back up again. You're willing to go the extra mile to achieve your goals, and that type of brazen ambition can make people question their own success.

5. You can't stand people who constantly complain.


If someone wants to rant or whine about something, you're going to offer a solution, not sympathy. Keep in mind that sometimes people just want to be listened to. Your advice might be solid, but it can be misinterpreted if someone is in an emotional state and just wants comfort.

4. You are kind.


Soft-hearted people often get the brunt of a lot of people's bad attitudes. Many people who seem tough and disinterested are actually the kindest, most sensitive beings. Make sure you stay that way, but guard your heart and only let the people who have proven themselves trustworthy in.

3. Small talk isn't your thing.


You'd rather sit in comfortable silence with an old friend than make mindless chatter with a stranger. You never mastered the art of small talk, which fuels the majority of workplace interaction. People aren't sure how to approach you because you don't tend to speak unless you have something important to say.

2. You're wise beyond your years.


The fact that you can look past the present and understand the bigger picture leaves you with a relaxed demeanor others might find intimidating. Your ability to remain level-headed and find a solution to your problems rather than get caught up in the nonsense makes some people feel inferior.

1. You don't tolerate stupidity.


There's a difference between ignorance and intelligence; people who willfully choose to turn a blind eye and go through life without bothering to understand the world around them don't interest you. You have no hesitancy in dropping a conversation or cutting ties with someone who is willfully ignorant.

Do you relate to any of these qualities? Tell us your most defining personality trait in the comments. Don't forget to pass this along to your friends and family to see if they have intimidating personalities, too.