10 Warning Signs It’s Time to Change Your Life

Mar 01, 2018

It's all too easy to get stuck in a rut. We find ourselves going through the motions, no longer loving life. Sometimes we don't even notice how bad things have become until we reach rock bottom. To ensure you never need to hit rock bottom, we've listed 10 tell-tale signs that you need to change something in your life.

Making a change in your life can be a big thing, or something really small. For some people, changing their diet is enough to give them a boost. While others need a much bigger change like a relocation or new job. We'll leave the decision making up to you. The main thing is to recognize the warning signs:

1: You Dread Going To Work

If you're dragging yourself into the office daily then maybe it's time to look for pastures new. Think over what makes you happy in your job and try to focus on jobs that will fulfill you.

2: You Are Constantly In A Dream State

If you spend most of your time living in the past or dreaming of the present then it's time to make a change. Living in the present should be your main aim.


3: People Are Telling You To Relax All The Time

Feeling anxious, even unwittingly, is a big giveaway that you aren't 100% satisfied. It's a sign we need to let go and move on.

4: You Are Jealous Of Other People's Successes

Jealousy indicates you are not pleased with your own set of circumstances. So instead of cursing others, make a change so you can be proud of your achievements.

5: You Wake Up Tired

Holding on to all this baggage is bound to make you tired! Try to live and let live, move on and feel more chilled.

6: You're On Edge

Feeling stifled is a classic sign that we need to make changes somewhere. Where those changes are made is up to you.

7: You Gossip

If you feel the need to gossip then you're only deflecting your own personal development needs. It's ok to admit you're learning. Working on yourself is a worthwhile but challenging task.

8: Everyone Seems To Annoy You

If you seem to struggle not to "sweat the small stuff" then perhaps that is your body telling you to make a change. Being easily irritated is a classic sign of dissatisfaction with yourself.

9: You Have A Constant Sense Of Forboding

Feeling constantly like the glass is half empty is damaging longterm on your mental health. If you expect something bad to happen, it invariably will!

10: The Grass Is Always Greener

The thought that there is something better around the corner only sets you up for disappointment. Learn to value what you have and cherish those pleasant surprises!

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