10 Times Keanu Reeves Was Caught Being A Real-Life Hero, Not Just An On-Screen One

The role played by Keanu Reeves in movies like 'The Matrix' and 'Superman' have caused him to develop a cult-like following among lovers of Hollywood's big screen. But individuals familiar with Reeves will readily attest to the fact that his real-life exploits often rival that of Neo and The Man of Steel.

The following article takes a look at ten incidents in which Keanu Reeves played the hero in real life.


1. Generosity Shown Toward Employees On A Movie Set

A movie filmed in the late 90s named Chain Reaction listed Keanu Reeves as a supporting actor. He worked alongside Morgan Freeman in the movie. During the last few weeks of filming, Reeves often treated the stagehands to breakfast and lunch. By all accounts, Reeves was one of the nicest people on the set.

2. Reeves Came To The Financial Aid Of A Matrix Crew Member With Problems

A worker on the set of the matrix was gifted $20,000 as a Christmas gift after Reeves heard about trouble being experienced by the worker and his family. Others that worked on the set of the Matrix recalled that Reeves was one of the only people that generally attempted to learn their names.

3. Once Drove A Stranded Woman Fifty Miles To Her Destination

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A woman tells the story of being stranded on the side of a highway not far from Los Angeles. The car she was driving broke down. This was before it was the norm for the majority of people to have cell phones. The woman was unable to get in touch with family and friends. A black Porsche pulled over to offer assistance. The driver was Keanu Reeves. When he could not jumpstart the car for the stranded woman, he drove her home.

4. Reeves Purchased Harley's For Matrix Special Effects Crew

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Members of the special effects crew on the set of the second Matrix movie say that each of them received a Harley Davidson for Christmas. As is the norm, all individuals on the set agreed that there was no one nicer than Keanu Reeves.

5. Delivers Smiles For The Average Joe

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A coffee shop worker in New York recalls times that Reeves entered the store where he worked for a cup of coffee. The coffee shop worker admits that the coffee is not that good but says that Reeves acts as if it is the best coffee he has ever tasted each time he purchases a cup.

6. Regular Guy That Just Happens To Be A Mythological Creature

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A camper met Keanu Reeves while enjoying time at a local campground. Reeves approached the camper and complimented her dog. She explains that she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her at first but realized after a short while it was definitely 'Superman.' She found out later that Reeves was camping alone in a one-man tent.

7. Captured On Video Befriending A Homeless Man

Reeves was spotted in 1997 hanging out sharing snacks and drinks with a homeless man in Hollywood. They talked for a while and Reeves even lie down on his back while enjoying the company of his new friend. A video of the incident exists.

8. Invested Money Into Matrix Movie To Ensure Crew Employment

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Keanu Reeves made a back-end deal that reinvested a portion of his earnings back into the Matrix franchise to ensure employment of the costume and special effects crew.

9. Gave Subway Seats To Others

Not only was Keanu Reeves filmed riding the subway but also took to his feet to allow a female passenger to sit while he stood when not enough seats remained for them both.

10. Reeves Waits In Rain Instead Of Inconvenience Others

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Keanu Reeves was spotted waiting outside in the rain for 20 minutes recently waiting to enter a wrap party. Reeves waited patiently like other party guests and never once attempted to gain entrance faster by telling the bouncer he was the Matrix star.


The generous heart of Keanu Reeves has caused many individuals that have crossed his path to see him as a real-life hero. Do not keep the story of this man's generous actions to yourself. In times like these, your friends and family need to see that there is still good in this world.