10 Things Only A Boy's Mom Understands

Nov 24, 2015 by apost team

As a mother, life is always going to be full of surprises. But as a boy's mom one can be pretty certain that one can look forward to a loud and wild ride!

1. Anything has the potential to be a weapon.


Boys are especially gifted when it comes to creating weapons out of any objects - before you know it an ordinary household item has been turned into a weapon. Missing your spatulas in the kitchen? Your boy is probably using it as a sword and waging a battle with his siblings with it!


2. You have sky-high grocery bills.


Boys are always starving! I guess all the running around makes them hungry every 5 minutes. And this reflects in the family's long grocery bills.

3. The whole house becomes an indoor playground


They will hang off the tables, jump on sofas or glide on stairs and turn the house to a playground. And while the yelling can curb some of it, they will still be indulging in wrestling matches on the living room carpet.

4. Fort building is a never-ending activity.


This seems to be a favorite activity in any household with a bunch of boys besides the wrestling that is! Boys are simply fascinated by the idea of indoor forts and take them so seriously with the realistic rules they come with and all the food they store in their forts.

5. Clothes? Why!


Have you tried to coax or even bribe your son to dress appropriately for a family dinner? Then you know what I am talking about! I find more clothes lying on the floor than on my kids bodies! Whenever I take a look at them, they seem to be running around half-naked.

6. Give up the battle on trying to restrain poop humor


For some odd reason boys think 'poop' is a very funny word! It leaves them in fits and with the rebellious twinkle in the eye. If you come up with a strategy to contain it do share it with fellow mums!

7. Boys don't always need expensive toys


They need room to run around and be rough and if you don't supply them the gadgets they need, they will end up creating them on their own. So why waste money?

8. Don't fight the superhero!


Boys love being superheroes, so give them the capes and masks and let them practice their superpowers. Sometime outgrow the fascination while others don't, either way you have no choice but to embrace it!

9. Smelly bathroom


The bathroom is not dirty! But it has an odd smell. Sounds familiar? Have a hack to get rid of it? Please let me know and I will be eternally grateful to you!

10. Your boy will always manage to melt your heart


He may detest you for kissing him when you drop him off to school. But he will come running back to your arms when he is feeling low and his adorable gestures of love will melt your heart.