10 Things I've Learned With Time

These are some words of wisdom! 

  1. You will spend most of life following the wrong dreams and idolizing the wrong ideas. Your life will truly begin on the day you realize this.
  2. You always think that you can please everyone – the truth is you simply cannot. First, please yourself, then please your loved ones, and everyone can follow. Believe me, they're busy taking care of themselves anyway.
  3. To attempt to fight the aging process is as futile as trying to catch the wind. Don't just allow it to happen – enjoy it! Your body must change, and it will always be changing. Instead of attempting to turn back time, change your mindset. Find the beauty in what lies ahead.
  4. Not a single person on earth is perfect and no one is fully content with what they have. To realize this is true liberation – you are completely free from comparison and judgement.
  5. People will always search for what you do wrong, not what you do right. As this becomes clear to you, you begin doing things for the right reasons. And that's when you start to have fun.
  6. All the years you spend criticizing the way you look are a waste of time. Come to terms with your body as a vessel where you soul lives. Your body is remarkable, but it does not define who you are.
  7. While your health matters, anxiety and fear cause much more damage than the food or drinks you tell yourself not to eat. Joy and contentment are the best medicine there is.
  8. As you age, who will remember you and why they will remember you matter more. Love, kindness, and wisdom are more valuable than material goods. Share stories and give advice, they will stand the test of time.
  9. Life is short – but if you fight the lot you're given it can feel like punishment. Embrace it – life is an adventure and you're travelling its road!
  10. Eat, drink, and be merry – you never know which day will be your last. Live in the present, get the good stuff, and don't forget to treat yourself!

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