10 Things Every Woman Over 35 Needs To Know

You are heading into your mid-30s -- congratulations! You have reached a point at which you can channel your experience, wisdom, and energy to make the most of your life and set the stage for amazing years to come. Realize that your mind and body will be undergoing noticeable changes -- it will almost be like going through a second puberty.

Here is a list to help you become aware and prepare yourself in order to be the hippest, happiest, and healthiest you!

1. See a breast specialist two times each year 

Breast cancer risk rises with age, so get your bi-annual checkups. This is crucial if breast cancer runs in your family. If breast cancer is caught early, it is more likely to be overcome or managed. Plug an appointment into your schedule NOW. 

2. Check up on your vision and dental health

After scheduling your breast examination, set up appointments to see your optometrist and dentist. Vision and dental health issues tend to flare up as you get older. The sooner you recognize and deal with any problems, the fewer problems you will have.

When it comes to maintaining your eyesight and teeth, procrastination does not pay. 

3.  Expect your libido to spike

You are embarking on an exciting season in your sex life! By now, you are probably more aware of your body, and your hormones are at their optimum balance if you are healthy. Now is the time to release your inner vixen!

4. You still need to hold your back straight

The admonition from your parents and grade school teachers is more timely now than ever. As we age, our bodies naturally begin to stoop. Set up your workspace to support your posture, but try not to sit down all day.

Stand and move whenever you can, being mindful not to slouch. 

5. Stay hydrated

As you get older, your skin may start to dry out. If you drink plenty of water consistently, your skin will thank you. Moisturize your skin in the morning and night, and remember to use sunscreen when you are in sunlight for a while. 

6. Enjoy your emerging beauty

You will notice changes in some areas such as facial features or flexibility. Like a blooming rose, you are developing new layers of beauty. Now is a perfect time to pay more attention to yourself and discover a beauty and fitness regimen that complements your body and lifestyle.

Find new products and ways to enhance your skin and stay active. 

7. Get your rest regularly

Establishing a consistent sleep pattern is a greater priority as you age. Strive for six to eight hours of sleep every night -- even on weekends and holidays. You will benefit from keeping regular sleeping and waking times, too. 

8. Set your own trend

Women’s fashion is classy, flirty, daring...beautiful in so many ways! You can dress to impress YOU most of all. Take some time to find your unique style and rock it. As you settle into your sense of fashion, your confidence will make you even more radiant and youthful. 

9. You do not need as many calories

Once you pass 30, your body will require fewer calories than you needed in your twenties. You will feel satiated and have plenty of energy with smaller portions. However, this depends on your level of activity. 

10. Welcome the gray

Gray hair is to be expected at this point. Celebrate your silvery strands -- they are beautiful! However, if you are just not ready for gray, it is easy to dye them. 

You are embarking on an incredible time in your life. You are worth the time and resources you need to tend to yourself and adjust to the changes you are experiencing. These can be your best years yet as well as preparation for even greater years. 

What do you wish you knew as you entered your mid-30's? What else do you wonder about at this point in your life? Tell us what you think!