10 Things About You That Will Change Once You Lose Your Parents

Feb 27, 2019 by apost team

We never realize our parents are human beings until it's too late. We grow up thinking of them as invincible. But then we grow up, and we forget that they're aging, too.

Before we know it, we're watching our superheroes turn into old people we don't even recognize. We're too afraid to say anything but we know that one day, they won't be here anymore.


There are many things you'll wish you would have said when your parents were still around to hear them. Here are 10 things you'll face after your parents are gone. Learn from these lessons and change your life now. You don't have to wait until your parents are gone to appreciate them.


10. You will understand the importance of family more.

istockphoto.com/Chris Ryan

No one else is ever going to love you so unconditionally.

No matter how often you felt they judged you, they never turned you away, did they?

We used to scoff when they'd say, "I only want the best for you." Now we know they meant it.

9. You won't be able to move for a long time.


You'll feel physically sick, and you'll wish more than anything that your mom or dad were there to make you soup and take care of you.

8. You'll feel loss for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren they'll never meet.


The family photos you won't get to take, the holidays you'll never spend together ... lifetimes of unlived memories will flood your brain.

7. You'll never be able to listen to people complain about their parents again.


You'd give anything to have your mom call you up and nag you one more time.

6. The sadness never leaves.


You will cry just as much as you did the day they died sometimes.

The pain changes with time, but it's never gone.

5. You will be jealous of anyone who has parents to spend time with.


You'll envy anyone who gets to go home for the holidays.

You'll mentally curse anyone who complains about having to spend time with their parents for any reason.

4. Holidays are lonely.

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Even if you have a spouse or even kids of your own, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and all the other holidays feel a bit empty.

3. You'll learn secrets.


You'll uncover details about your parents' lives that make you uncomfortable.

You'll realize that they were actually people, not just parents, and you won't know how to handle that because you can't tell them.

2. You'll still want to call them when something happens.


Sometimes, you may get your phone out and only realize as you're about to hit "Call" that they aren't here anymore.

1. You'll realize how much you loved them.


That's the irony of loss.

You only realize how deeply you loved someone until they aren't there anymore.

If you have lost your parents, you'll understand what it's like to miss them every day. They may no longer be here, but they'll always live on in you. As we grow up and lose our parents, some of us sooner than others, we change. We learn to appreciate the little moments with our own kids more, and hopefully, the memories we make will comfort them when they're in our shoes. 

What lessons did you learn after losing your parents? Let us know - and make sure to pass this on to your friends to remind them to show their, parents, some love.