10 Surprising Ways You Can Reuse Your Teabags

Apr 09, 2018 by apost team

People love drinking tea since we've been enjoying it for centuries. We drink billions of gallons of tea worldwide each year, but most of us use tea bags once then discard them. Here are 10 ways you can get the most out of your tea.

1. Compost

If you compost your own waste, throwing your tea bag into the mix can actually speed up the decomposition process. Just make sure the bag itself is biodegradable.


2. Enhance Your Garden

You don't need to rely on harsh pesticides to protect your garden. Mix the contents of your teabag in with your topsoil to nurture your garden. The acidity of the tea leaves are really beneficial to roses and ferns.

3. Revive Your Potted Plants

Have you forgotten to water your plant sitting on the windowsill and it's started to look wilted? Don't give up on your plant. Instead, gently remove the plant from the pot and place your tea bag over the drain hole. Not only will the bag lock in moisture, it will also infuse nutrients into the soil.

4. Brew In Your Watering Can

Let your old tea bags soak in your watering can for some extra zest to give your plants. The tea water will better fertilize your plants and protect them from fungal infections.

5. Flavor Your Dishes

Who says you have to drink your tea? For a fun twist on your favorite dishes, try seasoning your food with your leftover tea bags. You can cook rice, pasta, or any other grain or even make a brine for meat with a tea bag.

6. Moisturize Your Hair

Tea can add moisture to more than your plants and food. Brew your old tea bags and use that water to wash your hair. Your hair will be shiny, silky, and free from harsh chemicals. Better yet, this is a much cheaper alternative to an expensive and time-consuming visit to your salon.

7. Soothe Problematic Skin

The nutrients found in tea are great for treating any skin condition. Use your old bags on itchy, irritated, burned, or bug-bitten skin.

8. Eliminate Eye Bags

If you got a bad night of sleep and have dark or puffy eye bags, your appearance can be greatly improved by wetting your old tea bags and placing them on your eyes for 20 minutes.

9. Deodorize

Tea is so aromatic when you brew it, so you should take advantage of its deodorizing properties after you've enjoyed your cup of tea. Mint tea can be saved as a natural mouthwash and any tea is good for soaking your feet. A 20 minute soak each day will neutralize the odors and shrink your pores if done frequently enough.

10. Polish Your Wooden Furniture

Soak your old tea bags and use that water on a rag to wipe down your wooden furniture. The tea will polish and clean your furniture to give it that beautiful gloss.

So don't throw out another tea bag again! You can enjoy your tea in more than one way! Let your friends and loved ones in on the secret!