10 Sleeping Positions And What They Admit About Your Relationship

The way you and your partner choose to fall asleep at night can say a lot about the relationship between the two of you. Sharing a bed with your significant other can either be the most precious part of your day or a frustration, depending on the amount of sleep you get. These 10 different sleeping styles can admit a lot about your level of intimacy and the health of your relationship with your partner.

1. The Bed Hog

One person dominates the bed and protrudes on the other person’s space. This can be a signal that the person hogging the bed is a selfish partner and needs to learn how to communicate better.


2. The Insomniacs

Rather than fall asleep, the two partners are up all night scrolling through their individual devices. This sleeping position can showcase distance between the two of you, so you should put down your mobile devices when it’s time to lay down.

3. The Drunk Couple

You spend more time at the party than you do asleep in your own bed. When you finally hit the pillow, you’re knocked down for the night completely. Sleeping facing downwards can be a negative sign towards anxiety and hidden feelings.

4. Face To Face

When two people sleep facing each other, it’s a subtle signal that they crave intimacy during bedtime. Couples who sleep like this love deep conversations and are very fond of their partners.

5. The Awkwardness

A position that might occur in the beginning of the relationship, the awkward couples will give each other some space but still want to communicate their affection through a hand touch or other light expression.

6. Touching Backs

This position is great at giving you both space while remaining intimate with your partner. You stay linked through touching backs, which shows that you have a stable relationship where it isn’t unhealthily clingy.

7. Independent Sleepers

The couple that sleeps on their own with no physical touch towards their partner tends to feel very safe in their relationship. They prefer to be comfortable throughout the night in order to sleep well.

8. Two Spoons

Couples who sleep in a spooning position get the most physical touch, and it shows that one member likes to protect the other partner. However, this position could signal a need for control or a power struggle between the two of you.

9. Cradling

When your significant other sleeps on their back with your head resting in their arms, it shows shelter and certainty between the two of you. This is a healthy relationship where each partner cares about the other.

10. The Groper

Even in deep slumber, one member of the relationship enjoys wrapping themselves into the other’s body. It’s a good signal that these two enjoy each other’s company and can’t stand to sleep without them.

Did any of these positions surprise you? The way you sleep with your partner can actually prove a lot about your relationship. What position do you like to sleep in?