10 Secrets Singles Everywhere Want You To Know About Not Having A Valentine This Year

Valentine's day is almost upon us and for many people, it is a day of joy, love, and celebration. But for the singletons out there, Valentine's can be a funny kind of day. Never fear though! You can turn that frown upside down with the 10 reasons listed below :)

You Can Eat All The Chocolate You Want

Who cares if you eat a whole bar of Hershey's? If you don't tell anyone then who's going to know? Enjoy the fact you can do whatever you damn well please :)

You Never Have To Choose Between Spending Time With Friends Or Your Partner

Feeling like you're being pulled every which way can be tough. It can feel like you're letting down everyone you care about. So be happy that you don't have those conflicts in your life! You can spend your time with whoever you want to and not feel guilty in the slightest!

You Can Look Horrendous And Nobody Will Care

We're not saying you ever look hideous, of course you don't! But as a singleton, you never need to panic about shaving your legs or putting makeup on even on lazy days. Because who even cares? Am I right?

You Are Always In Control When It Comes To Food And TV

You get to watch what you want when you want. And even more importantly, you get to eat whatever you're in the mood for because you only need to worry about your stomach growling! That's worth reminding yourself of because you'll miss it when that freedom is gone :)

You Don't Have To Share A Thing!

Sharing can sometimes make life easier, but it can also be stressful. As a single person, you don't have to share your bed, you don't have to share food, you don't have to share a bathroom with anyone, you are your own King or Queen and that is glorious!

You Have The Freedom To Travel Or Live Wherever You Want

Not only is traveling alone a great way to challenge yourself and learn new things about who you are, but it can be an important right of passage. Doing daunting things alone is a great way to strengthen your character and make yourself an absolute catch when the time comes :)

You Have So Much Less Drama In Your Life!

We have all been there when a friend's relationship comes to an end. It can be awful. Even when a relationship is going well, there can still be small hurdles to overcome that add stress to your life. So enjoy the fact you have a much simpler life! You can focus on what is important :)

You Don't Have Any Pressure To Look A Certain Way

It goes without saying that you still want to look your best whether you're single or not. However, as a singleton, the only person you need to impress is you! People in relationships often feel a slight pressure to look their best for their other half whereas you can be happy and comfortable in your skin :)

You Have Time To Work On Yourself & Become The Best Version Of You

Being single can be a brilliant opportunity to look inwards and not only get to know yourself better but work on aspects of your personality that you maybe don't like so much. Self-reflection is a wonderful thing that should be used whenever possible!

You Have The Luxury Of Spending Time With Your Friends

Your friends are important and deserve as much attention as a partner, so be happy that you have time to give them. Offering friends your time can seem so insignificant but it can mean the world to them. You're lucky to be single!

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