10 Reasons That Make Your Older Sister The Most Important Woman In Your Life

Jul 15, 2019 by apost team

Whether you like to admit it or not, your older sister is one of the best people in your life. She is your best friend. Even though you might hate her sometimes, she is going to be there for you through thick and thin. She will protect you, even though she is often the person who torments you.

She criticizes your every move and frustrates you to no end. But you know that she loves you no matter what. Here are a few more reasons why your sister will always be one of the most important people in your life.


1. She was your first friend.

From the day you were born, she has always been there. She was the first one to be your friend. You have spent the most time with her and grown up with her. You don’t know a life without her there.

2. She understands your family like no one else.

She goes through the craziness of your family with you. There is no one that understands your family like she does. She understands your parents’ crazy rules and the frustrations they bring. She can understand what you are going through and even go through it with you.

3. You know you don’t have to hide anything from her.

Your sister has seen you at your absolute worst. She knows all of your embarrassing moments. She also knows your deepest secrets. You have nothing to hide from her at this point. She already knows everything. And you know you couldn’t keep a secret from her no matter how hard you try!

4. Her closet is full of clothes for you to borrow at any time.

Her closet is right down the hall, filled with the best clothes. She might act like she is mad when you take her clothes, but in the end she really doesn’t mind. She might even feel a little proud at how good you look in her clothes. Her closet is always open to you, even if you have to sneak in sometimes.

5. She opens you up to a new perspective.

She is older than you, and whether you like to admit it or not, she is also wiser. She can tell you what is coming in your life and guide you through those experiences. She gives you an upper advantage over your peers and makes you more prepared.

6. Her door is always open even when you don’t live together.

You will both get older and get lives of your own. But her door will always be open to you. You can always go over to her house and visit no matter what. You know where to find her, and she will be there for you waiting with open arms.

7. She is always real with you.

No matter how much it might hurt your feelings, she will be honest with you. If she thinks your hair looks horrible, she will tell you. If she hates your outfit, she will let you know. She will be completely honest. However, when she compliments you, you will know she really means it. You can trust her to tell you how she really feels.

8. She sees your potential better than anyone.

She knows what you are worth, even when you don’t. She will tell you when you deserve better in a relationship. She will tell you that you can achieve your goals. She knows what you are capable of. She will push you to be your best.

9. She always has the best advice.

Because she is so honest, she will be able to give you advice in any situation. She is also older so there is a decent chance she has been where you are. She can help you work through a problem and find a solution. If nothing else, she will be there to hear you vent and talk through your problem.

10. She is always there, even when no one else is.

Your sister is your go-to person, no matter where you are in life. If you have just had your heart broken, she is there to comfort you. She will make time for you regardless. She is there when you are lost or just need a friend. You know you will always have a partner in crime.

Do you have an amazing big sister? Let her know how much she means to you by showing her this article! And let us know what she does for you that no one else can.