10 Reasons It’s Hard to Love A Leo

Feb 13, 2018 by apost team

You never know what you’re going to get when it comes to a Leo. We are all over the place and tend to overwhelm whatever situation we’re in, which can leave people feeling like they’ve experienced a whirlwind after having met us. Yet, our dynamic and over-the-top personality is one of the most striking things about us, whether you hate it or love it. We admit it: not everyone can handle us! 

Here are our top ten reasons for why you might not be able to keep up with ferocious Leos!

#1 We Are Headstrong

There is no soul more independent than that of a true Leo. We are represented by the lion, king of the jungle and definitely the ruler of the kingdom. We don’t like being told what to do, when we’re wrong, or to change our minds about things. The fact that we’re so opinionated can be cute at first, but not everyone can handle the heat in a long-term relationship. 


#2 We Are Sensitive

We will always love ourselves first. We have enormous egos that often lend themselves to a natural air of confidence and effortlessness. This can also make us extremely sensitive, however, when we feel like someone isn’t as impressed with us as we think they should be.

#3 We Are Possessive

As a general rule, we don’t really share. Due to us being extremely loyal and nurturing, we’re also very protective over what we feel belongs to us—and that includes people. Our possessiveness makes us a little more prone to jealousy than others. 

#4 We Are Natural Leaders

One of the reasons we are so sexy is how confident we are. We come across to others as assured and poised and are natural leaders in any situation. We always have a hand in everything, and assert ourselves so firmly, other people often think we’re bossy and feel like they can’t speak up around us. 

#5 We Are Arrogant

We definitely think highly of ourselves, and we aren’t afraid to share with other people how amazing we are or everything we’ve accomplished. Not shying away from self-love can be a double-edged sword, since not everyone wants to hear about us bragging all the time. Our ability to compliment ourselves so readily can definitely drive the average person insane. 

#6 We Are Impatient

We have to keep things interesting basically all the time. Because of this, we become bored or tired of things that we think are taking too long. Things that require time, dedication, and commitment aren’t our strong suit. 

#7 We Are Vain

On one hand, it’s really easy to sweet talk us. If you want our attention, all you have to do is compliment us and we’re like putty in your hands. However, in long-term relationships, our need for verbal validation and our border-line obsession with appearances can rub people the wrong way. Some might even call us high-maintenance, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

#8 We Are Ambitious

We are driven human beings, and being with a go-getter can be intimidating, because it often makes other people feel left behind. A romantic relationship is never going to be enough to satisfy our thirst for life, adventure, and success. As a result, our ambitious tendencies sometimes make us accidentally push people away who don’t have the same goals or aspirations.

#9 We Are Exciting

If anyone has a knack for keeping things thrilling and exciting, it’s us. There’s never a dull moment with us around, and most people love our ability to keep things upbeat. This does make it hard for us to settle down, and we become annoyed at mundane tasks and routines that other couples might find endearing. 

#10 We Are Dramatic

We’re not a great match for people who aren’t capable of handling us blowing up for no reason. Whether it’s a happy emotion or a sad one, we feel everything at an extreme that we openly share with everyone around us. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of dealing with someone who experiences life at full volume all the time.

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