10 Manners You Were Taught That Kids Won't Learn Today

Apr 10, 2018 by apost team

Everything your mom taught you might be useless in modern society. Our rapid growth in technology might be the cause of people becoming more rude. Here are 10 manners you were probably taught as a child, but don't see in the real world anymore.

1. Common Courtesy

"Please" and "thank you" can go a long way! Being friendly enough to greet people you make eye contact with is basically unheard of now. Don't be surprised if you're not acknowledged by saying hello to a stranger on the street or after you hold the door open for someone.


2. Tidy Appearance

If you walk into your local grocery store, you may be surprised by the amount of unkempt people going about their day. Pajamas, dirty clothes, and messy hair are no longer an embarrassment for people. People care less about makeup and maintaining a tidy appearance.

3. Good Posture

Standing tall is a great way to show that you are confident and powerful. Parents used to correct their children's posture, but now it seems like everyone is slouching.

4. Handwritten Thank Yous

Gone are the days of thoughtful handwritten letters. Most people send a quick text or email to express any form of gratitude.

5. Table Manners

Some kids weren't allowed to finish their dinner if they continued resting their elbows on the table or burped. People are now fearless when slurping their food and reaching over other people's plates to get more food.

6. Standing When An Older Person Enters

This is probably the rarest courtesy today. Standing when an older person entered your room was a sign of respect that showed we acknowledged and valued their presence.

7. Sitting With Crossed Ankles

This is a great way to prevent any awkward wardrobe malfunctions, but it also helped you look very ladylike according to many mothers. 

8. Removing Hats Indoors

Places of worship aren't the only places where hats were taken off. Any time a man entered the home, he was expected to remove his hat as a sign of respect.

9. Women End Dates

Men used to have to pay close attention to the woman's signals on how their date was faring. One way that women showed they were not enjoying their evening was by not ordering dessert. This made it clear to the man that he should not make any more advances on her.

10. Offering To Pay

Men were always expected to pay, but women were always expected to offer. Showing gratitude to both parties for their manners was also part of this routine exchange!

Are you guilty of forgetting any of these manners? Send this to your rudest friends to correct their ways!