10 life hacks that you need to know!

These 10 hacks will make your life easier. 

1. Burger Holder

Recycle your CD-ROM spindle! An empty container makes a great burger holder when on the road. No more crushed burgers!

2. Ice pack for the road

No more rattling or dripping ice cubes. With the sponge in a sealable bag, everything remains dry. And the sponge absorbs the liquid when the ice melts.

3. Stack clothing vertically, not horizontally.

So simple yet so awesome. By stacking the clothes in the drawers this way, you get a much better overview of your wardrobe.

4. Hair clips for cable clutter

A small hair clip brings order to cable clutter. The solution is quick and easy to handle.

5. Toothpaste for clear car headlights

As simple as it is effective. A little toothpaste makes your headlights clean and shiny again. The solution is much cheaper than expensive detergents and is very effective.

6. DVD scratches

If the CD or DVD no longer plays, the solution is within the banana. Rub the peeled banana over the bottom of the silver disc to seal the scratches. Use a lint-free soft cloth to wipe dry and place back into the DVD slot. Never wet!

7. Scratched furniture

Rub a walnut over the scratches and your furniture will look good again. Clean residue with a soft cloth - perfect.

8. Need more volume?

Put your smartphone in a small bowl. The bowl is like an amplifier for the speakers of the smartphone.

9. Grilled cheese with a toaster

Place the toaster on its side. Place the toast with cheese slice in the toaster and go. Now YOU can have delicious grilled cheese.

10. Popsicles with drip catcher

Simply take a cupcake liner, cut a small hole in the bottom, put the popsicle stick through - finished. No more sticky fingers!

11. Bucket doesn't fit under the tap?

Not a problem with a dust pan.

12. Clothing rod under the sink

With an adjustable tension rod or fixed screwed clothing rod, there is finally order again under your sink. More space in the cabinet and you have the "fast helpers" handy!