10 Easy Ways To Fix Your Own Toilet

Apr 05, 2018 by apost team

Toilet repairs are an expensive business. Plumbers make a crazy amount of money fixing them. We can’t afford to renovate our bathrooms, so we have saved money by using these ten easy methods to fix or clean a toilet.

1. No Brush Needed to Keep it Clean


Kool-Aid is an awesome natural cleaner for your toilet. Using harmful chemicals like bleach may damage your lungs. Dump one packet into the bowl at bedtime and flush in the morning.

2. Need A Stronger Flush?

If your toilet doesn’t flush strongly enough, find the float in the back of the toilet and adjust it higher.

3. Clear Up The Jets

If you have pink lines in your toilet, your jets are clogged. Duct tape the jets closed and soak the tank in vinegar. Clean it in the morning.

4. Oops! The Handle Broke

This is an easy fix. Just look under the lid for the handle and screw it back on.


5. Help Clear Clogged Pipes

If your toilet is clogged and plunging didn’t work, mix hot water and dish detergent. Let the mixture sit in the toilet for an hour and then flush.

6. Discover Where It’s Leaking

You might be spooked if your toilet flushes by itself. This could be caused by a leak. Put Kool-Aid or food coloring in the tank. In 15 minutes, check and see if the color has spread to the bowl. You’ll have to call a plumber for this fix.

7. Conserve Water

This is an easy fix for when you feel like you are using too much water when you flush. Simply fill a little plastic bottle with pebbles or sand and place it in the bottom of the toilet tank.

8. When It Keeps Running

If your toilet is constantly running, this is an easy fix. All you need to do is to buy a new flapper for your toilet. These are surprisingly easy to install with the directions on the package.


9. Yucky Smell

A sewer smell in your bathroom is gross. If you don’t have a sewer problem in your area, you may have to come up with inventive ideas to keep your toilet smelling fresh. Put a little bit of essential oil in the tank.

10. Plunge It Away

Plungers come into play in all toilets sooner or later. If your toilet won’t flush, seal the plunger down over the opening and give it a good push. This should get your toilet running again.

Let us know which are the best hacks on this list. Tell all your friends about this post and how they can fix their toilet problems cheaply and quickly!