10 Common Ways Your Deceased Loved Ones Contact You Which You Should Look Out For

Apr 10, 2018 by apost team

Losing a loved one is hard, no matter the circumstance. It leaves a hole in your heart and your life when someone is gone.

But just because they’re not on this plane doesn’t mean they can’t still communicate with you. You just have to know the signs that they’re around. From hearing their voice in the room to having dreams about them, here are ten common signs that you’re being visited by a loved one who has passed away.

1. Visits in Dreams

Dreaming about a deceased loved one can be a bittersweet experience, but more often than not, it’s a sign that they are at peace. These types of dreams are known as “Spirit Visitations,” and you can tell the difference straight away: in these dreams, your loved one enters the dream, surrounded by light. They may visit with you, ask you to send messages to others, and let you know that they are okay on the other side.


2. Sensing a Presence

Sensing presences is common: a change in atmosphere, the feeling that someone is watching or sitting next to you. The feeling is comforting, as though they have literally walked into the room just as they would have done when they were alive. Because you were used to their presence when they were still with you, you retain this ability when they are gone.

They may not have a body, but their presence is still very much the same.

3. Feeling of Being Touched

The feeling of being touched is very common, especially right after a loved one has passed. It can be as simple as feeling someone touch your back or hand when you’re alone or as obvious as feeling as though you are being hugged. This is your loved one’s way of letting you know they are still with you, and some can even keep this ability long after they have passed. 

4. Smells Reminiscent of Loved Ones

If you often smell fragrance or other smells in the air, you might have clairgustance. This is a form of psychic perception that allows you to smell the fragrance or particular scent of a deceased loved one. Visits from loved ones are often reported as cigarette smoke, perfume, flowers, or even cooking. It’s your loved one’s way of letting you know that they are still around and visiting you to make sure you are okay.

5. Hearing a Loved One’s Voice

Hearing voices is a common sign of a loved one visiting you. It’s hallmarked by either hearing their voice inside your head or even out loud in a room. This often happens when you are alone so that you get the message that they are with you. 

Most people hear an internal voice in their head. If this sounds like you, you might be gifted with clairaudience, or the ability to hear those in Spirit. It’s especially useful if you engage in a conversation with them in your head. Talk to them, then wait; you will usually get a response straight from your loved one.

6. Strange Electrical Activity

Electrical devices may go haywire in your home after a deceased loved one passes. If this happens, and only when you’re around, it’s a sign that your loved one is contacting you. Anything from changing channels to turning toys and lights on or off is a sign. 

This is especially true for the radio or if you’re watching a show. If there is a change in what you’re watching or listening to and it’s meaningful to you or your deceased loved one, take it as a sign from them.

This is because those on the Other Side learn that energy, especially through electrical devices, can be easily manipulated by them on their plane. If you don’t hear your loved one or see them in your dreams but electrical devices are acting strange, take comfort in the fact that they are still around.

7. Mysterious Phone Calls

It is very common for people to report mysterious phone calls from unknown or disconnected numbers after a loved one has passed. When you pick up the phone, you’ll most likely hear static or nothing at all. 

This is a sign from your loved one. Phones are electrical objects that they can manipulate easily, and it’s meant as a stronger message to you. You’re not likely to ignore a phone call and while you might not pick up if it’s an unknown number, it’s still their way of getting your attention. 

This sign is most often reported in the immediate days following a loved one’s passing, although it can happen months or years later. Just pay close attention, don’t be afraid, and pick up the phone the next time an unknown number calls you.

8. Signs

Most people can get a load of experiences telling them that Spirit is around them but will discount it as wishful thinking or find a logical reason for it. It can be hard to perceive what is real and what you just hope will happen. That’s why your loved one may choose to send you signs, often many times, to ensure that you get the message that they’re communicating with you. 

Signs will come to you in different ways; every person is different, and what may work for someone else may not be seen as a sign for you. Learn to keep yourself open to the possibility of synchronicity, the idea that signs are not random and were meant for you, and be observant of the world around you for anything that seems out of place.

9. Objects Moving on Their Own

Are you having trouble locating your keys or phone? Do certain objects in your home seem to be moving around on their own? Have you ever heard a loud noise from another room, only to discover that something sentimental to you and your deceased loved one has seemed to move from one spot into the center of the room?

This is a common sign of a loved one in Spirit contacting you. It’s most common in people who have a hard time accepting more subtle signs of communication, which is why it’s generally paired with a loud noise. That’s meant to get your attention so you see what the fuss is about. 

10. Apparitions

Believe it or not, supernatural books and movies are wrong: while it is possible for you to see an apparition of your loved one while you’re wide awake, it is the least common sign. It’s actually very rare because the amount of energy it takes to manifest on this plane can be incredibly difficult to store up for Spirits. 

It’s also important to remember that apparitions come in different forms. Some people see what is called a “full-body apparition,” which is a manifestation of your loved one’s entire physical form while others see partial apparitions, such as a face. It’s also common to see what looks like a hologram or a photo in front of you. Apparitions generally linger for a few seconds at most and then vanish. 

Still wondering what some signs might be?

Small objects: When a deceased loved one passes over, the first way they can communicate with you is through placing small objects, such as coins, feathers, or something familiar to you, directly in your path. This can happen when you’re out walking, shopping, or even in your home. If you find a small object that you notice right away, it’s a sign from your loved one that they are watching over you.

Nature: One of the earliest ways that Spirits learn how to manifest on our plane is through nature. This can come in the form of animals paying unusual attention to you, noticing more animals and flowers around your home or places you frequent, or even in flowers being delivered to you. It can even be in the form of a gift for you, most often with no known giver. And since your loved one wants you to get the message, they are more likely to pick very colorful nature signs so that you notice it!

People: Oftentimes a sign is delivered by another person. This could be a friend, family member, or a stranger you start talking to on the street. They will often have a message for you that they didn’t know they were delivering, so pay attention to what is being said to you! Spirit may also send people your way that will be important in your life, such as mentors, friends, and even a romantic partner. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones that have experienced this, know that it was never meant to frighten you. It’s just a way for your loved one to let you know they are around and are okay on the Other Side. Read through the signs and ask yourself, is this what is happening to me? Let us know if this has cleared things up for you, or if you have had any other experiences that you think may be a loved one.

If this helped you at all, please pass it along to anyone who’s experiencing grief. Who knows? It may just make their life seem a little bit brighter.