10 Aluminum Foil Life Hacks That Your Mom Never Taught You

Aluminum foil is an indispensable part of everyone’s kitchen, but did you know it can do much more than wrap up slices of cold pizza? These are just ten ways that aluminum foil can be put to work helping you do more in and around the house.

1. Transform AAA Batteries to AA

Carefully fold a bit of aluminum foil under the positive post of the AAA battery when setting it into the slot for the AA battery; this should create the connection required to power the device.


2. Bust Static Electricity

Ball up a portion of aluminum foil then rub it against your clothing where the static cling is bad. Before long the cling will relax.

3. Renew Scissor Sharpness

Use scissors to slowly cut lines into a sheet of foil. This will renew the sharpness of the blades.

4. Iron Both Sides of Clothing

Save time by ironing both sides of your clothing at once. Insert a sheet of foil between pant legs or shirt sleeves while pressing.

5. Slide Furniture With Ease

Place a square of folded foil underneath heavy pieces of furniture. When you need to move the furniture, you can slide it around easily thanks to the foil.

6. Boost Wi-Fi Signal

Fold aluminum foil into a shield and place it behind your wi-fi router. This will help boost the signal to devices throughout the house.

7. Create An Instant Pan For Soaking Silver

Give your heirloom silver items new life with the help of an aluminum foil pan. Lay out a large sheet of foil and crimp up the edges. Place your items on the sheet then add baking powder, boiling water, and salt. This will help remove the tarnish from the silver.

8. Make The Perfect Stylus Out Of Aluminum Foil

Want a stylus that fits your hand, or just need to save a few bucks? Aluminum foil can be pinched and folded until it makes the perfect stylus for your phone or tablet device.

9. Hold Cookies Apart While Baking

Everyone loves fun cookie shapes but certain shapes won’t stay where you put them. Keep cut-out shapes from filling in by using balled up foil to keep them apart.

10. Heat-Seal A Plastic Bag

Open plastic bags can be a real hassle; you can’t always find a clip. Fold over a long, narrow strip of foil, and fold the layers of the plastic bag between them. Use a hot iron to press the plastic through the foil. This will reseal the bag.

Aluminum foil is cheap, durable, and easy to use for all kinds of tasks. Try these life hacks today, and be sure to show this list to a friend who loves to learn new things.